Why the Esse Ironheart

The Wuppenif homestead is powered by an Esse Ironheart woodstove, and it features significantly in many posts here.

The Esse Ironheart woodstove from the UK has a special kind of following and for good reason. It’s an unbelievably efficient and amazingly designed woodstove that provides both a cookstove for baking and cooking inside the oven, and two hobs for cooking on top. It also boast a firebox with a glass door, making it possible to enjoy the feeling of an open fire and to keep an eye on and control the burn rate.

Dog lying in front of woodstove

I’ve been blogging about the Ironheart ever since we moved into our new home in late 2010, where we situated the Ironheart in the centre of our living space. Although our home includes a small bedroom wing, a mudroom area and a screened in porch for warmer months, off this main space, as well as a lower level (where our home office and a series of other rooms, including a furnace or mechanical room, reside), this main room is the heart of the house. With doors that close it off from the rest of the house, it allows us to live like we’re in a large, one-room cabin in the coldest months of the year or if the power goes (which it does, from time to time, as we’re in a rural location).

Great room of an ICF bungalow with Ironheart woodstove

We live in bungalow made from insulated concrete forms in Eastern Ontario (Canada), but we’ve heard from from folks with this woodstove (or planning to get one) with vastly different kinds of home construction from Australia, different parts of Canada and the US, as well as across Europe.

What you’ll find here

Details of our experience in using and maintaining the Ironheart from season to season, Ironheart recipes and meal experiments, and photos from every angle.

Quick links

Esse Woodstove blog posts

How we positioned the Ironheart in our home

Ironheart temperature ranges (converted to Fahrenheit)

Our daily burn (yes, it’s really that small)

Please share your story or ask a question

One of the best parts of blogging about the Ironheart has been connecting with others who have this amazing woodstove, who are planning to acquire one, or who are just plain interested. I’d love to hear about your situation or experience!

I’ve also answered technical questions for readers who were frustrated and couldn’t get sufficient information out of the folks at Esse – so, fire away.

3 thoughts on “Why the Esse Ironheart

  1. That is one seriously healthy-looking Citronella plant, you have there (she is beautiful!: ). Sadly, I killed mine off this winter – too much plant, for too little pot, in too close a proximity to the Elmira. *sigh*

    1. Thank you! My husband has always had a healthy citronella wherever he lives, I can’t take any of the credit 🙂 Sorry to hear that yours didn’t make it through this winter. They are wonderful plants to get going again, though, even if you have just a small cutting. Is your woodstove newer or older in design?

  2. Most of the details are stored in DH’s brain… But, I can tell you that it’s an Elmira 1600. Purchased new and installed in 1991. Heating 1850 sq. ft.

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