As winter wanes

After a great many weeks with more days in the minus twenties than we care to count, temperatures in our neck of the woods have bounced upwards recently. Getting outside for a ski, a snowshoe or just to do chores, has been much more enticing on these milder days, though in the evenings we invariably find ourselves clustered back around the woodstove.

Of course, the pets need no excuse; they curl up by the Ironheart whenever it pleases them, which is often. And when we can, we curl up with them.

Winter tracking

Waking to an outside temperature of -25 C this morning, I kicked into a different gear. When it’s that cold (about -12 for readers who use Fahrenheit), we try to head straight outside with extra food for the chickens. I was particularly grateful this morning for the fact that we finally got a water heater hooked up in time for this winter; not having to handle the water on these sub-zero days is rather nice.

Reggie came out with me this morning, and hardly seemed to notice the cold. He took his time to check out whatever scent may linger in the snowprints of various small animals that have tracked across our hillside. I love the pale blue tinge to the snow at that time of day, and the soft warmth of the light coming from the east. It was worth it to slow down a little and pay attention. It always is.





Mist rolling in

There is no denying that fall is here. Nights are comfortable for sleeping, the leaves of plants left in the garden are curling up, geese squawk their way overhead in ragged lines, and a stroll down into our valley in the evening is noticeably chill. For a dog, it’s a great time to pick up on scents that linger in the air.

Black lab watching the mist roll in
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PetKid turns eleven

He may not be towering over us (yet) like his big brother, but Petkid is growing up quickly. Once again, it’s great fun looking at the changes that have taken place in just the four years since we moved here, as documented here on the blog.

Mum and young son riding with loaded panniers for camping

Throwing a soccer ball from the goal

Small child with a frog

Snowball on the first day of snow

Pouring concrete into a post hole for a treefort

Boy holding a tiny frog

Young boy assembling lasagna

Young boy with white budgie on his hand

Dad and sons heading off with saws and clippers

Young child hauling a small tree

Young boy practising using a soil blocker for planting seeds

Young boy pushing old fashioned plough

Young boy preparing supper

Young boy with his day's harvest

Young boy putting leash on puppy

Two boys with tired black lab puppy

Young boy on new second-hand blue bike

Boy with chunk of ice in early November

Boy and dog on the ice in November

Young boy with sleeping puppy on his knee

Young boy tossing firewood

Young boy travelling over small ski jump

Petkid May 2014