Signs of spring

In the depths of winter our chickens stop laying and we go without homegrown eggs. Some time in March when daylight increases enough and we start to see hints of spring, we’re delighted to find eggs once more. The red sex link hens are the first to lay, but this year the Americaunas started contributing their smaller, pretty green-blue eggs shortly after. This is surely the earliest sign of spring for us, and in many ways the most welcome.

Basket of chicken ggs

Almost spring

After many days of nothing but brown, damp landscapes tonight our valley is once more covered in snow. It’ll be gone tomorrow, and then maybe spring will be ready to make itself known in these parts. Until then, I have the colourful silk flowers given to me by my youngest for Easter.

silk flowers on a window ledge

Morning glories

It seems like everything in the garden is coming to an end for the year, to greater and lesser degrees, but not the morning glories. Perched on our back deck over the valley below, they have only just come into their own in recent days. Late to the party, stretching towards the sun, but just what’s needed right now.

Blue morning glory

Morning glories climbing bamboo

Morning glories against a misty valley

Summer’s swift passage