Understanding how dogs think

DognitionOur youngest, who goes by PetKid on his blog, is giving away a free Dognition assessment – read on. He’s currently studying dog psychology in an online course. He’s shared a bit about it on his blog, along with a related resource for testing your dog’s way of seeing the world through games. It’s called Dognition. We had a lot of fun doing those games/tests with Reggie, and now PetKid is starting to share what he has learned.

He’s also offering a free Dognition assessment (worth $19 USD) to one lucky winner at his blog (the draw is Feb 7th). He’s hoping to expand his learning and to connect with other dog owners who are truly interested in their dog’s abilities and strengths.

Sleeping pen full of two-week old labrador retriever puppiesMaybe you’ve been following PetKid ever since he first blogged about studying puppy development with our dog’s breeder a few years back, or maybe you’re just a dog owner passionate about your pet.

Either way, you might want to go over and check out what PetKid has to say and sign up for his giveaway. It doesn’t matter where you live – his contest is worldwide.

Visit PetKid’s site.


Boy throwing snowball at snowy overhang

One well-aimed snowball, that’s all it took. I still can’t believe I captured the shot! When I went outside yesterday afternoon, I noticed how close the snowy carapace on our woodshed was to meeting the ground.

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