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  1. I live in upstate NY & am interested in growing buart nut trees. How are yours doing? Where did you get them?

    1. Hi Bonnie. The one that we planted close to our house and have remembered to water deeply and regularly is doing really well; there are two others that we planted too far from the house and we haven’t tended them so well as a result. Bit of a no brainer that brand new baby trees need babying, but we’ve had a lot on our plates! The investment was small at $15 per tree. We ordered them from Golden Bough Trees here in Ontario, http://www.goldenboughtrees.ca/. The quality of the trees was excellent, the mail order system they use is flawless, and we’ll have another chance in the fall (an excellent time to plant new trees). I’m excited about having these trees, though the wait time will be long, as they are so small (about 18 inches to two feet) to begin with!

  2. I run a tree house company called Blue Forest (www.blueforest.com). We have just started a tree house competition and would love you to enter your tree house. It is just a bit of fun, if you are interested please click on the link and upload a picture… you never know you may win! http://woobox.com/m2ragc

  3. Hi…I stumbled upon your lovely blog looking at the ironheart. When I (hopefully soon) move to my Winters End I’d like either an oil fired aga…four oven or an ironheart. I live in rural North Devon, and it’s quite windy. I was wondering if you think too much wind in the chimney would affect the iron hearts performance. At the moment I cook on an old Esse soverign powered by oil. It’s expensive, and so would the aga be. I go out to work at least 3 days a week, so this would affect ability to rescue a failing fire. I have a rather pathetic woodburner in our main living room but have an Enigma by woodwarm in storage and ready to go when we move. I own…also in storage a Britannia gas hob cooker, but like my mother who cooked for a family with 7 children on a Rayburn Royal, I do like the traditional ways best. A shame Aga no longer make solid fuel ranges, or a two oven Ironheart. Any advice from someone in the know would be appreciated.
    Love from our neck of the woods to yours…Canada…I’m envious!!

  4. Requesting permission to use a photo from your website posts. Sent an e-mail with details that you may not have seen. Perhaps it went into wrong e-mail box due to filters. Could you please check for it? Thank you so much!

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