The final puppy post

It’s time for another post by my youngest, PetKid, who we homeschool. He has been following a litter of labrador retriever puppies since they were born, thanks to the generosity of our dog’s breeder, the wonderful Culandubh Kennels run by Laurel Cook and Ross McLaughlin in Clayton, Ontario.

This week I will show you photos from weeks 7 and 8, which were the last two weeks of my puppy visits. Here’s a photo of me helping the vet with the puppies in week 7. In that visit I made sure that the puppies’ teeth fit together properly, checked them for puppy acne (nine of the eleven pups had acne), put rubbing alcohol on the backs of their necks before they got their injection, and learned how to tell if a boy puppy’s testicles were descending.

I also kept the puppies still while the vet did what she needed to do. One of them thought about getting off the table and playing, but I held him still. The puppies were so cute and fluffy and funny. Apart from the acne, they are all super healthy.

puppy and boy with vet

Last week I went for my last visit. This is because they were all going home with their new owners that week. Here are four pictures from that week. The puppies followed me around wherever I went, so when I was on one side of a tunnel they came out one at a time and then piled around me. They were very energetic and cute and took a long time to tire. By the time they were tired I was tired too!

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