Signs of spring

In the depths of winter our chickens stop laying and we go without homegrown eggs. Some time in March when daylight increases enough and we start to see hints of spring, we’re delighted to find eggs once more. The red sex link hens are the first to lay, but this year the Americaunas started contributing their smaller, pretty green-blue eggs shortly after. This is surely the earliest sign of spring for us, and in many ways the most welcome.

Basket of chicken ggs

14 thoughts on “Signs of spring

  1. I do love the colours: the delicate blue-green and the many shades of tan and brown. And the shapes and sizes! There is such variety in the supposed uniformity of eggs.

    1. The colours are truly pretty to me as well. We become used to such uniformity in the grocery store, and I always love seeing the variety that naturally occurs, whether in eggs, fruit or veggies!

  2. After this past weekend’s snow and cold, I’m eager to see any sign of spring’s return. Hens laying again is a sure sign if ever there was one. YAY!!!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Anything that brings a smile to my face and then translates into delicious meals in the kitchen is a very big cause to celebrate. I’m always so much happier for the chickens when they can enjoy being outside again too!

  3. Hi DF! Catching up on my long-overdue blog reading! Your eggies look beautiful. Love the variety of shapes and colours.
    Ridiculous laws have been introduced here which give farmers clearance to label their eggs ‘free range’ if they run no more than 10,000 hens p/hectare. 10,000!!! Previous guidelines were for no more than 1500 hens p/hectare. Consumers, myself included, are busily boycotting the ‘bad eggs’. Will be interesting to see if the government responds positively, and reinstates the previous guidelines. I grew up with chickens (Silky Bantams) and wish we had the room to keep them. Feel wistful looking at your girls.
    Hope you and yours are well. xx

    1. Hi Saskia! My apologies for missing your lovely note. I’m really on the verge of shuttering the blog, as I realize that my time with it is really done. This is prompting me to do a final post!

      At any rate, it’s so good to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the eggs, they are ever so pretty. Hope the guidelines for chickens improve; it’s hard to understand how we can continue to inflict such poor conditions any longer. You were so lucky to grow up with chickens – I wasn’t so fortunate, but love having them in my life now.

      Warm wishes to you and yours too!

      1. There seems to be a natural flow with these things. It’s interesting that we’re at a similar point in that flow! Take care.

  4. I just came across this post – how did I miss it back in April? I too seem to be experiencing the natural flow of these things :). What’s holding me in the blogosphere is the many bloggy friendships we’ve all developed over the years. That sense of like mindedness and support has been valuable to me – continues to be in fact, because the reason I found this post about eggs is because I came over to you to read through some of your gluten free stuff – there is a young man in our lives these days (thanks to eldest daughter) who has celieac disease and while I read some of your adventures with gluten free baking I didn’t pay enough attention at the time, so I’m here to find some of the yummy things you shared with us, because I KNOW they passed the taste test with all your men :).

    1. It’s lovely to hear from you. We’ve been away getting our older boy settled into college and just got back today. Big changes, which I know you’re more than familiar with! I’m just getting ready to stop the blog altogether, but I’ll certainly check in at Sailors Small Farm from time to time, would love to stay in touch. I’ve so enjoyed our correspondence over the years. So glad the gluten free stuff was helpful for you! All the best, Dagne

      1. my blog is obviously just sputtering along sporadically as you know. I too would love to stay in touch. You have my email right? From the blackberry conversation? I’m on FB too…He’s off to college already – how did that happen? 🙂 :). Computer Science perhaps?

      2. I think sporadic sputtering is perfectly respectable; real life is always more important! I do indeed still have your email, that’s super to know we can stay in touch. Yes, he’s gone to study mechanical engineering technology – his passion is CAD design, designing automotive vehicle parts, so it is related to computer science in its own way. He’s very fortunate that he loves the software side of things as much as the hands on stuff. Hope that you and yours are doing well as we head into September!

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