Winter pastimes

Of the indoor kind. After an extraordinarily slow start to winter, including a disappointingly dull, muddy December landscape, we got a generous serving of snow that has managed to stay. Temperatures have dipped up and down, snow levels have fluctuated, but it’s firmly winter. It’s reassuring, as this is how it’s ‘supposed to be’ here at this time of year. Early on we fit in sledding and we always get out snowshoeing, but there is a lot more indoor time in the depths of January, there just is.

Toffee is partial to board games and the like:

Cat watching bumpershot

As long as she doesn’t have to over extend herself.


Caramel finds adventure everywhere:



Both cats just enjoy hanging out:


Drawing and colouring have always been big at our house, but the trend in cool colouring books has been picked up in a big way by our local bookshop and we’ve been happy to test out some of their new finds.


Sometimes just doing nothing works.


Reggie loves taking the lead on that one, especially after having a big walk through the woods.

og and cagt cuddling

Sometimes we like to look outside just to remind ourselves why huddling inside can be so nice.



6 thoughts on “Winter pastimes

  1. Ah, such lovely snapshots of the haven that a home becomes in January. I agree, I love the snow for its own sake but also because it reassures me when the weather is as it’s “supposed to be” in winter. My aunt in Washington, DC sent me a photo story of the huge storm they had, and I admit to having some snow envy. Enjoy your cozy indoors!

    1. Oh, thanks Ellen. Interesting to hear that you’re also reassured when the weather is as it should be! That storm down in the US was something else – you’re right, now that’s a lot of snow!!

  2. That photo of your napping son with his buddy in his arms is one great capture! I am not winter’s biggest fan. I find it something to endure. What I do enjoy is that winter allows for the times you’ve captured: napping with my four-legged friend or reading a book on a Sunday afternoon. Is there anything so welcoming as entering your home, leaving the cold behind, to smell something delicious cooking in the oven?

    1. Thank you John. I really do understand the endurance aspect of winter, I think most of us find it hard going at times. I’d be lying if I didn’t confess that in winter I’m often thinking of summer’s warmth, being in the garden, and the freedom of movement without multiple layers. On the flip side, I don’t spend much of the summer considering the winter, although I love the slower pace that it allows. In the summer I can’t justify curling up for a nap or with a book in the same way that I can in winter. Those are some of life’s best pleasures, I think, and I couldn’t agree more about the smell of something good to eat hovering in the air as a part of those scenes. Wonderful!

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