10 thoughts on “Winter mornings

  1. I miss being in the country during winter. No, I’m not willing to move there but just to spend a weekend or two far from the city. There’s something about the stillness of a sharply cold night that is so appealing. Add a full moon and it’s magical. Likewise, there’s something really special about a sunrise/sunset over a landscape blanketed with newly-fallen snow. You’ve captured that in these photos. Very nicely done.

    1. I love that you have a clear appreciation for the pleasures of the country without needing to live there, John. I think you’ve pinpointed some of the unique pleasures of a northern winter in this kind of setting, and if I’ve managed to do something similar with my photos, I’m really pleased. You have the spirit of someone who knows the good things about living!

  2. Beautiful shots! I’m the same, I see beauty like this every day (as do we all!) and appreciate the moments, but seldom seem to have my camera handy. Morning light – nothing quite like it.

    1. Thank you! There is something about sharing the beauty that we each see that’s very special, nice to know these resonate with you. Morning light is very hopeful and pure to me.

  3. Oh I love these – winter light is magical!!

    How did you fare with the large snowfall we received this week? Sidewalks are still unplowed here – it will take awhile to dig out from all of it. I haven’t gotten out skiing as much as I’d like (my lament every winter) so am keen to get out now!

    Hope all is good with you!

    1. Thank you Katherine! The huge snowfall was hugely welcome at our place as we had family visiting. They were really disappointed at the lack of snow when they first arrived, but that storm made the rest of their visit a real treat! I haven’t skied at all, but I have snowshoed a lot (they really help on the strange icy ground we had to contend with). Hope you get out for a ski or some snow fun!

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