Morning glories

It seems like everything in the garden is coming to an end for the year, to greater and lesser degrees, but not the morning glories. Perched on our back deck over the valley below, they have only just come into their own in recent days. Late to the party, stretching towards the sun, but just what’s needed right now.

Blue morning glory

Morning glories climbing bamboo

Morning glories against a misty valley

14 thoughts on “Morning glories

    1. I do too, we have them every year, just not always in the same place. Our placement was kind of fun this year, with the wigwam as you note. At our last house my husband used to create an array of strings along one side of our deck and our kids loved watching them climb up the twine bit by bit, amazed when the flowers went from wide open to tightly shrivelled up later in the day. Nice memories!

  1. yay – loved being notified by my reader that you had a new post!

    those colours – wow – what a great gift for this glorious end of summer.

    Hope all is well!!

    1. It’s always lovely to see you here Katherine! Isn’t this a glorious end of summer, indeed! It feels so good to soak up the warmth after the rain and chill last weekend, knowing that we’re mostly heading in a more chill direction. Hoping you’re well too!

  2. Ohhhh! That colour! So lovely seeing Morning Glory looking pretty and dainty. It’s such a beautiful plant, but quite maligned over here as there’s a variety that has become a noxious weed! It spreads through the bush choking other plants, and is really thick-stemmed and hard to remove. A true wolf in sheep’s clothing!

    1. It’s always amazing to me that a plant loved in one place can be so maligned in another, but it’s all about context and behaviour, isn’t it! It’s easy to see how the morning glory could be a pest under the wrong conditions.

  3. Your morning glory looks beautiful. We have a noxious weed out here that we call morning glory – it’s really convolvulus – white flower, but it’s a real pest, right up there with blackberries. Funny how both create such a love/hate relationship for us…

    1. It does come down to relationships, doesn’t it. We’ve spent the better part of the last few years trying to extricate wild parsnip from our land (a rampant grower and cause of photosensitive burns), but know of people who deliberately cultivate it. My husband jokes that it’ll be the thing we can eat when nothing else will grow (its root is edible, as its name suggests).

  4. Such beautiful plants. When I was growing up we considered them weeds. When they grow in tobacco fields they wrap around the leaves of the plant damaging them and making harvest difficult. Of course now I have come to admire and appreciate them. 🙂

    1. I think I missed your comment earlier this fall Bill, my apologies! I guess we tend to think of anything that thrives and takes over as a weed, and morning glories certainly know how to do that. Not something to plant near a valuable crop, unless it’s that other noxious weed! 🙂

  5. Oh my word — that first picture just speaks to me, Dagne! Blue is my favorite color, and the picture of that morning glory is a song. Lovely! I hope you are doing well in your neck of the woods. I imagine you and your family must be getting things squared away for the coming winter. We had our first frost this morning! And of course, the rains have come. But sometimes it is just so nice to stop for a moment and look at the still, quiet — wet — grass. 🙂 Here’s hoping you are doing well! And again, what a wonderful picture.

    1. So glad that blue morning glory gave you a little sunshine Melissa. We’re deep into fall here now, really on the run up to winter in a big way. We even had our first snow two weeks ago (thankfully it didn’t stay)! We’re into ‘leftover’ jobs outside now, having been more organized than usual this here. Stopping for a moment or two is always good, and somehow weather that is ‘less fine’ is as inspiring for this as beautiful days are. Wetter, colder weather always feels like permission to be more reflective to me, and I like that. Lovely to hear from you, and hoping you and your family are enjoying your own fall days!

  6. Hi Dagne, We sure are enjoying our own fall days! It’s just so beautiful. Even if we’ve been inundated with rain, it is a great time to pause and reflect, like you said. And also a good time for me to return to blogging! I’ve started a new one: 🙂

    1. Lovely to know that you’re blogging again Melissa; your new blog looks like a beautiful space. I hope you enjoy stretching your wings there!

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