Summer’s swift passage

7 thoughts on “Summer’s swift passage

  1. Vintage Lada…haha…also limited edition, I should think!
    Great pictures, as always. No kidding about those raspberries going wild! Wonderful -though wading into it for picking might not have been so wonderful. Petkid looks bigger suddenly – definitely more teenagerish. Was that mowing or haymaking? That looked like a field he was launching into. Looks like your summer has been busy and delicious. Nice to get a glimpse.

    1. The Lada! Yes, it’s the ‘SUV’ model – who knew that Lada made an SUV?! Long story, but it belonged to an elderly man in our old neighbourhood who kept it in a garage for more than a dozen years, untouched. The teenager is thrilled to have moved to a ‘full scale’ vehicle after tinkering with scale models for so long.

      Petkid is indeed looking more teenagerish (and will of course love to hear that!). Straight up mowing that day; my husband tends to use the scythe for haymaking, because that’s just him, and we don’t need massive amounts.

      The raspberries are a ‘welcome challenge’; it was a patch that seemed ‘done’, and having gone wild, it was not easy getting in for this year’s harvest. Still learning, obviously! Always learning 🙂

  2. Lovely photos! Yearning for some sun over here. It’s utterly freezing. Your crops look so healthy and bountiful, particularly that raspberry patch – that is seriously crazy! Your clafoutis looks exceptional. Is it gluten-free? I can never get clafoutis to work. It always ends up like a massive rubbery pancake. Hoping you’re planning to share your recipe!

    1. Thanks Sas! The clafoutis was gluten free, actually – I hadn’t thought of sharing, but I should. I use a lot of almond flour, which is perfect in its flavour for this pudding. The texture was rather nice. I’ll try to share soon! In the meantime, I’m sending some mental warmth your way – hope the current freeze passes soon!

      PS I can’t imagine you producing anything like a ‘massive rubbery pancake’ – I’m always so humbled when I see your beautiful concoctions!

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