Still here, even if the apple blossoms aren’t

Apple blossom

It’s that time of year when everything seems to be on fast-forward. Blink and you miss it.

I didn’t miss the apple blossoms this year, but I never got around to sharing them here. I’ve been okay with that; life is for living first, everything else is gravy.

If I’m honest, the blog will continue to be quiet at least until the end of June, and then I’m hoping / planning to pick up the pace again.

Wishing you all the best and hoping you are able to take time to ‘smell the apple blossoms’ or the equivalent for your part of the world.

8 thoughts on “Still here, even if the apple blossoms aren’t

    1. Thank you! We were just out taking pictures on a bike ride yesterday, it’s definitely something we like to do together. I hope you’re getting to enjoy time on the farm while juggling your new job!

  1. Hi df. Beautiful apple blossoms! We have an ornamental crabapple in the front garden. She bears no fruit, but the blossoms, when they come, are worth waiting for and totally make up for her lack of productivity.
    Hope you’ve had a nice blogcation! I’m with you on the ‘life being for living first’ thing. I’ve sensed quietness from a lot of the bloggers I follow actually.
    It feels great to have not felt (entirely self-imposed) blog post pressure for a while! There has been a lot of stopping to smell the lemons here – that’s about the only plant thriving in Melbourne’s putrid weather at the moment. Your part of the world must be warming up a bit now. Enjoy!

    1. Oh, an ornamental tree is a wonderful thing. I agree, straight up beauty is sometimes quite enough, isn’t it.

      Yes, the blogcation has been a good thing. This summer just needed to be lived by our family, and I made a conscious decision not to do much documenting. Quite right about spotting a trend amongst blogging friends in stepping away; it feels that way amongst the bloggers I know too.

      Love the sound of smelling fresh lemons where they grow, that’s something I can only envy!

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