Boy throwing snowball at snowy overhang

One well-aimed snowball, that’s all it took. I still can’t believe I captured the shot! When I went outside yesterday afternoon, I noticed how close the snowy carapace on our woodshed was to meeting the ground.

Roof with amazing snow overhang

Yesterday’s shot was amazing enough, this was just almost impossible to believe. I went to get my youngest son, knowing he’d want to take a shot at it. In fact, he wanted to inspect it fully first, and I was almost certain it would collapse under the scrutiny.

Father and son peering through snowy overhang

Boy slipping behind curtain of snow

Boy peering from under snowy overhang

When he lined up his shot, I didn’t think to set the camera to take a rapid series of shots; I just lucked out and got the moment at which the break occurred. Perfect. Phew!

Boy throwing snowball at snowy overhang

I’m just about done with winter here, but have one wintry meal that I plan to share next time.

Roasted venison with creamy potatoes and fennel, with squash

5 thoughts on “Gone!

  1. GREAT photos (and timing; )!
    AND, your dinner looks SO tasty! It’s obviously perfectly ripened – it has such great colour – what kind of squash is this?

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