Winter is slipping away

When we get going, we really get going. It was plus six here today! Still not sure how the snow on our uninsulated wood shed can hang on like this…

Snow sliding off roof

This shot shows that we still need to build a door for our hay/wood storage, but there will always be time in the spring. Come on spring!

Snow sliding off woodshed roof

16 thoughts on “Winter is slipping away

    1. I look at that snow slide every day and wonder when it will reach breaking point. I just know that I will miss it, whenever it happens! Oh yes, it is so very definitely about time for spring. What a long winter it has been. I had stopped thinking about spring, I realize!

      1. Yes, there is a Murphy’s law about things that move at a snail’s pace and then suddenly take a leap. At least you’re not in PEI – where they’re probably still digging their way out…

    1. The wood storage is new for us; most of our outdoor wood is just lying around in long stacks. That shed was largely created for hay storage, and we thought that having wood at one end would anchor it nicely more than anything!

      1. Yours is an inspiration for me. We saw one in Michigan (Upper Peninsula) that also was super in my view.

    1. It’s incredible how desperate we are to get outside now. We’re hardly inactive during the winter with skiing and snowshoeing, but we do huddle inside a lot on those very cold days, and we’ve had many of those this year! I love the subtle colours too. You must check out the even crazier shots we took after that post!

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  2. Wow, it is literally slipping away! 😀 Looks like you’ve had a lot of snow, we haven’t had that much here in Ks. I say bring on spring, I’m so ready!

    1. We did get a lot of snow in the end; it’s different every year, but the last two brought a lot. It seems that regardless of our individual experiences, we’re all ready for spring!! Hope you get to enjoy yours soon 🙂

  3. Hi there, wasn’t sure at first whether to chime in, or not; but, like you say, you’re new at wood storage…
    We’ve been burning wood for over twenty years now – also in Ontario – and I would recommend not putting any doors on your wood storage: as sun and wind are so important not only to help season your firewood, but keep it that way. Perhaps some eavestroughing with downspout, maybe even a rainbarrel to redirect and contain your runoff? Although, I seriously loved your time-lapse snow curling off the roof pics: )
    Just my two cents’ worth; )

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to know more about the woodstove that you’ve been using for the past two decades and the kind of home your heating. Quite right about the wood storage; we are planning for doors on the hay side, but not the wood side. I like your idea of some eavestroughing and a rainbarrel, as we get so much water off that roof! Sounds like a must do!!

      1. Like Bob’s, for the first couple of years the woodpile got very little protection until I finally got tired of fighting wet, improperly cured wood, put my foot down and FINALLY got a lovely lean-to roof off the south side of the garage.
        It’s open on all three sides to let the sun and wind work and, every so often, there’s a little snow that blows in underneath, but it’s no big deal really; sweeping off the woodpile’s just part of the shovelling out process; )

      2. I’ll need to do a bit of digging for the details, but I’ll definitely get back to you on this (just not today; )
        It’s been snowing here today!! ):

  4. Thanks for ever further encouragement. We have components (some) so I look forward to making improvement(s) here.

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