As winter wanes

After a great many weeks with more days in the minus twenties than we care to count, temperatures in our neck of the woods have bounced upwards recently. Getting outside for a ski, a snowshoe or just to do chores, has been much more enticing on these milder days, though in the evenings we invariably find ourselves clustered back around the woodstove.

Of course, the pets need no excuse; they curl up by the Ironheart whenever it pleases them, which is often. And when we can, we curl up with them.

8 thoughts on “As winter wanes

  1. Haha…I can totally understand the temptation to curl up with the pets by a wood stove which is what we do every evening. My wife always gets the cats, so I always get the wood. 🙂

      1. Wellll, I’m okay with someone else getting a piece of firewood, but the cats never pick me and as much as I’ve tried to win them over, my wife always has one or two settled on her. Plus, since she has them warming her up, she’s less inclined to want more heat. It’s up to me.

      2. Awww, now I feel badly. Sounds like you need a new kitty at some point who can be just yours – or who will at least happily divide their time between welcoming laps!

  2. Looks like Reggie and the kittens have bonded quite well! Food on the window sill, lol. Ours went on the stairs, and it’s still there even though the dog has been gone for more than a year…That Ironheart. Worth it’s weight.

    1. They really have; he is quite fatherly with them at times! Apart from scarfing down their food at every opportunity until we placed it on the window ledge, as you know so well 🙂 Radiant heat in this cold is just about the best thing going, it just never gets taken for granted.

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