Winter tracking

Waking to an outside temperature of -25 C this morning, I kicked into a different gear. When it’s that cold (about -12 for readers who use Fahrenheit), we try to head straight outside with extra food for the chickens. I was particularly grateful this morning for the fact that we finally got a water heater hooked up in time for this winter; not having to handle the water on these sub-zero days is rather nice.

Reggie came out with me this morning, and hardly seemed to notice the cold. He took his time to check out whatever scent may linger in the snowprints of various small animals that have tracked across our hillside. I love the pale blue tinge to the snow at that time of day, and the soft warmth of the light coming from the east. It was worth it to slow down a little and pay attention. It always is.





10 thoughts on “Winter tracking

  1. Beautiful pictures, as always. I’m always amazed that dog’s don’t seem to find the snow cold on their noses. Maybe they do and just put up with it. Glad to hear about the water heater for the chicken water – I’ve had a few weeks (not right now) of frozen water, and it’s no fun, and I most definitely am not enduring -25!!! Wow. Thank goodness for the Ironheart.

    1. Thank you! Reggie is always looking up at us with a snow-covered nose, and it seems to make absolutely no difference to him. He’s not even a shaggy dog, and I always think ‘he must be cold!’, but it simply never shows. The one exception is by any water at this time of year; we regularly throw small biscuits into the streams to get him to drink (he hates drinking indoor water!), and when it’s this cold he teeters at the edge, trying desperately not to step into the water.

      Sorry to hear about the frozen water in your own daily routines; not fun!

  2. Indeed, it is always valuable to slow down and notice. You’ve captured one of the gifts dogs bring to us – their interest in what is going on around them as opposed to how they feel. Or perhaps they don’t have nerve endings 😉

    1. Nerve endings or not, they are just better at that whole act of slowing down aren’t they. What can seem like distraction in pets or children is actually just another way of paying attention. That reasoning should turn my life around!

  3. Reggie the wonder dog! A lovely reminder to stop and smell the roses (or whatever else grabs your nostrils) occasionally. Our jasmine was in full bloom a few weeks ago, and it lured me outside to sit in the garden. The smell was amazing. Nature can put on an amazing show (or aroma) sometimes, can’t it. Great photos as always, and a nice antidote to our hot spell.

    1. Reggie’s loving your comment Sas! Oh, the scent of jasmine is pretty gorgeous, that must have been incredible. I can almost imagine myself there. Thanks to you too for a warm interlude!

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