And then it was winter, sort of

It’s been a funny old winter so far. After a couple of good snows in November, we had a curiously un-wintery December. We chopped down our Christmas tree early in the month in very muddy conditions, and welcomed a grey Christmas day that felt distinctly unseasonal. We did go for a long, rambling walk through our woods with the dog that day, and there wasn’t even the slightest hint of snow to come. The new year brought a strange combination of snow, rain and then freezing rain, leaving a glistening carapace on absolutely everything in sight.

It looks like it’ll be the kind of winter that will be hard for placing memories and milestones. I know that my youngest did manage to fit in a bit of sledding with friends, but I’m already unsure of exactly when that would have happened. Probably November, which seems eons ago.

6 thoughts on “And then it was winter, sort of

  1. Really like your montage photo effect. My eye zoomed in on your eldest son reading his Make: magazine – that’s a hugely popular mag with my son too! My favorite image is the ice-covered grass. So sculptural. It looks like a Snow Queen’s fascinator.
    PS. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    1. Thanks Sas! I know, isn’t MAKE the most amazing magazine for ever, it makes me wish I was more creative in that way. So pleased that you liked the ice photo so much; I went with my younger son’s homeschool class to a musical version of The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe just before Christmas, and your thoughts on a Snow Queen’s fascinator is so perfect! Happy New Year!

    1. Mother Nature isn’t exactly lining these things up in the right order! It’s definitely a good month to plan on some catching up or downtime that’s entirely indoors. I know I feel a lot less guilty about tinkering in the kitchen or curling up with a book for a few minutes when it isn’t so nice out!

  2. The weather has been strange here in Denver too. With the exception of one week of below zero weather, the fall was unseasonably warm – like 50’s & 60’s. Then right around the solstice, BOOM! Winter arrived! We’ve had snow several times per week ever since, lots of below normal temps, and gray skies – I want my Colorado sunshine back! I’m starting to think mother nature was actually watching the calendar or something! 🙂

    1. It seems to be different levels of strange in so many places, doesn’t it. Denver must really need its snow in winter to feel ‘right’. I hope you get your sunshine and lots of it – a great cure for winter!

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