A different point of view

RC buggy by frozen pond

Today was the last day of school before Christmas; it definitely wasn’t the last day of work for my husband or me, but it was certainly a milestone. The household will have a different rhythm for the next couple of weeks. We’re all hoping for more snow in anticipation of some snow shoeing, snowy walks and maybe a backwoods ski.

Our older boy, however, is really hoping for some nice cold temperatures and a hard crust on our land. He’s a budding mechanical engineer and in his spare time he scratch builds remote control vehicles, amongst other things. Reviewing the latest images on my camera tonight, I found a series of shots taken down at our pond. The landscape is so familiar, but it’s transformed by the subject matter and my son’s perspective. It’s a great reminder that we share a love for this place, but how we see it is defined by who we are.

RC buggy on frozen stream

10 thoughts on “A different point of view

  1. Ha, when I saw the first picture I thought you were going to say he’d got his own vehicle and it was an off roader! Which seemed out of character, though I admit I don’t know him at all. And then the second picture gave me more scale :). Brilliant!

    1. He was so chuffed to read this comment, as that first picture was actually taken for a scale contest where modelers were trying to create a sense of full size scale! That’s so funny!!

    1. Thank you, John! I’m not sure if I’ve had made the connection if those photos hadn’t landed amongst my own. You are so absolutely right about different perspectives making the world so much more interesting!

  2. Yeah, I thought you had a new vehicle too! My son had a remote controlled tank that he liked to drive around the farm like that.

    Best wishes for a wonderful and joy-filled holiday season!

    1. That’s really neat, Bill. My son first started out as a model builder of tanks, but they can only sit on a shelf. When he moved into R/C vehicle building, he departed from tanks, but I bet he’d love to combine the two.

      Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. I thought that was a new car for your family! What a great shot. And so precious — pointing out the different views of you and your kids. Your son should be so proud to have built and photographed such a compelling scene. Hope you get the snow you’re wishing for (though I’m pretty sure you will!).

    1. Oh my goodness, that would be pretty wild Melissa! I’ll share your praise with my son, he’ll be so thrilled to know of all the great comments shared here. In the summer he took an amazing underwater shot of the same vehicle with a different body that I now want to share here too. We’re very much wishing and hoping for snow, and it’s my youngest who gives us regular updates on the weather report. Sounds like we may finally get more after new year’s! Happy New Year to you and yours!

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