First snow

First snow of the year

Just last weekend we were outside doing a final clean up of a felled tree and the attendant firewood before the snow flew. And fly it did, a proper snow on Monday, November 17th. A full two weeks ahead of last year, which was already early for where we live. Last year’s snow was heavy and never left; this year’s start to winter has been pretty fierce, but it looks as though it was a little too early. We’re promised a melt and warmer temperatures at least one more time before winter truly settles in.

Boy walking in first snow

That first snow is so special to children and I loved watching my youngest son through the window as he gingerly made his way outside for a first play before school on Monday. Making the year’s first snowprints.

First snowprints in November

That first day was pretty, almost magical, every branch in sight feathered with the stuff, the air only just cold enough for a snowfall. By the next day, the temperature had dropped and the wind was biting, but blue skies returned. Along with shoveling routines.

Boy shovelling snow

Snow does have a way of transforming ordinary objects into something otherworldly. It makes you look at everything afresh, even an old, much-patched aluminum canoe.

Silver canoe in snow

Meanwhile, our chickens are tucked up for the long months ahead, just getting on with business as usual.

Rooster crowing

P.S. I can’t even begin to imagine what the residents of Buffalo, New York are doing with the epic snowfall they’ve just been walloped by.

6 thoughts on “First snow

  1. Oh wow. A play in the snow before school sounds like an amazingly bracing way to start the day! Great photos. The chooks look lovely and cosy. I’m living vicariously through you – we’re back to sweltering days again and thoughts of ice cream.

    1. It is a pretty great way to start the day, if cold! Definitely a ‘wake me up’! We’ve since had a big melt and a storm last night that knocked out our power as weather fronts shifted again, but our winter scenes have temporarily disappeared. Can’t quite imagine the hot days and ice cream, but they sound rather fine!

  2. Does your waterer freeze at night? Breaking the ice and replacing the water is part of our daily winter routine here. This year it has started much sooner than usual.

    1. It used to always freeze at night, but this year we’ve invested in a water heater. Unlike you, we’re not full time farmers and the start of the day can find us scrambling to do a call with a client or other work. Lightening the load a little in this way seemed like a good idea. We’ll see how it works out!

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