Storing hay and wood

Woodshed addition to chicken coop

There are always outdoor projects on the go here, some bigger in nature, most smaller. Last year, looking for a quick way to store hay for the winter (we don’t have a barn or outbuildings apart from our small chicken coop), my husband put together a pyramid haystack. The very definition of a quick project.

It was a nice little project that quickly provided us with dry hay storage (not to mention a useful prop for our younger son’s games with friends, resulting in a misshapen stack the following spring!).

Pyramid haystack

This year my husband was keen to create a more permanent storage space for hay, as well as somewhere to stack some of our outdoor firewood (we have plenty in the house and the garage). He spent this past summer considering the best and simplest way to build onto our chicken coop, and in the early fall we finally got to work. The chickens were always nearby and curious.

Chickens inspecting wooden frame

As with many of our projects, leftover wood from other projects, scrap wood and scavenged items were predominantly used. We even picked up some free wood pallets that are serving as the base underneath the firewood section. New items that had to be purchased: screws and three sheets of galvanized metal roofing.

Dog inspecting building project

It’s a project that my husband and I mainly did together, but it was helpful to call in our much taller teenager when we hit the roofing stage.

Father and son roofing a small woodshed

A section of page wire fencing from one our scrap piles was pressed into use to separate the hay storage from the wood.

Securing woodshed roof

Our younger son had his own project on the go just feet away on the final day of the main construction phase, one of those blessedly sunny late fall days.

Young boy fixing toy vehicles

Rooster inspecting work on hay storage and wood shed

We had to call it done when we ran out of wood. We still need to make a door for the hay storage and some kind of coverage for the wood storage, but for now we’ll likely make do with tarps as we need to move onto other more urgent jobs before the snow flies.

Chickens inspecting new hay and wood shed

I don’t think the chickens will mind if things remain open for inspection a little while longer.

Getting a closer look

6 thoughts on “Storing hay and wood

  1. That looks wonderful, and that tall teenager would be handy around here too. Hope you get the tarp onto the hay soon, the chickens will waste no time pulling it out, and even better, nesting in it. Tonkas…ah yes, my brother still has his from the 1970’s. Bet you had fun with the laundry after that day with big trucks 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yes, the chickens found ways to nest in the hayrack too, even under a tightly secured tarp. We discovered a big pile of eggs under it at one point too! The Tonkas are so great, aren’t they – he plays for hours with them, and I love that. He even paved a stretch of road for them next to the chicken coop!

  2. Ah, the rush of pre-Winter chores, trying to get everything done “before the snow files”. Though not completely done, you all must feel pretty good with what you accomplished. I hope your son has plenty more time to get out the Tonka trucks and have a good play. I am so not ready for Winter, especially if it is at all like the last one.

    1. I know, it’s already feeling like winter is practically upon us, John! It’s hard not to feel that rush once you’re sure that the last little hurrah of summer has been and gone. Our chickens took their sweet time coming out this morning and I know they’re getting ready to stay inside for the long winter months. Let’s pray for that Tonka-friendly weather for just a little while longer! On the upside, I always love being in the kitchen more once the cold weather settles in.

  3. The chickens must’ve been very curious indeed watching the construction of their home extension. I imagine there would’ve been lots of excited gurgling. Love that last photo! Also love that you’ve used mostly recycled materials.
    PS. Looking forward to having a handy tall teenager myself in the future!

    1. They were incredibly curious, it was really sweet. They are very attracted to new things and activity. Available budget dictated the materials we used, but I always feel good when we can make do with what we have around the place.

      Great to see you here again, Sas – hope you’ve been able to just look after yourself.

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