Mist rolling in

There is no denying that fall is here. Nights are comfortable for sleeping, the leaves of plants left in the garden are curling up, geese squawk their way overhead in ragged lines, and a stroll down into our valley in the evening is noticeably chill. For a dog, it’s a great time to pick up on scents that linger in the air.

Black lab watching the mist roll in

Geese in a line

Black dog on a grassy path

Dog sniffing the air at dusk

10 thoughts on “Mist rolling in

  1. beautiful shots, as always. How clever to mow a walking path, especially now the dew is making things so wet in the morning. We’re having much the same sort of weather here – for a brief moment of alignment between coastal BC and southern ON!

    1. Thank you, as always! Those walking paths were a life saver when our youngest was smaller – the grasses were over his head when we moved here! With Lyme being prevalent out here, it also makes routine walks a bit more straightforward (and I do like how they look too). That is unusual for us to share weather!!

    1. I think that must explain why the geese look so confused up there this year! It has been a very strange and silly season. Thanks for stopping by.

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