A quick fix up for the school year

Mirror frame recovered with National Geographic cover images

The blur of summer is about to terminate at the return to school and I’ve barely had a moment to record the season in even the smallest way here.

We’ve got baby chicks growing, we’re figuring out how to have more success in the garden next year (the main ingredient that we’ve been missing is time), we’re stumbling over late in the season surprises like raspberries and making the most of them, and we’re fitting in end of summer treats and chores.

My husband and I found ourselves with two successive days when the boys were with their grandparents, and we decided to take one evening to enjoy a quiet meal together and tackle a project that we’ve talked about for ages but not done anything about. Our boys share a very small, very plain bathroom, and its main mirror was in need of a new coat of paint or something to fix it up. We knew the space (which benefits from a blue and green checkerboard floor, one colour chosen by each son when we built the house) needed an injection of fun.

My husband had the idea of using covers from National Geographic magazines to transform the mirror, which turned out brilliantly I think. I chose the covers, concentrating on issues that we’d really enjoyed reading together in recent years, and suggested placement, while my husband tinkered and did the painstaking work of trimming and adhering the strips to the mirror frame (which had a metallic-type finish to begin with that was peeling badly). We used several coats of mod podge. My favourite ‘in’ joke is the cover about ‘the new science of the teenage brain’ which is featured on the left side of the frame (our boys are 16 and 11).

Some finishing touches are still needed, including using a razor to take of the residue on the glass from the painters tape that adorned it for several months after my husband first gave the frame a new undercoat. But it’s up on the wall and instantly brings to life this small space. I’m hoping it will make them smile and look closer on the school mornings that will start next week.

Mirror frame recovered in National Geographic covers

8 thoughts on “A quick fix up for the school year

  1. Love the idea of jazzing up the bathroom mirror – always looking for ideas to do things around the house. Good luck with the garden next year…..time is always the thing isn’t it….

    1. Thank you! It’s amazing how much good energy you can get from a simple project like this; it always gives me a lift (especially when I’m feeling bad about not having enough time for other things, like the garden!).

  2. Love the mirror. House projects are just a dream this time of year. Even washing the floor looms as rather a large task given all that has to be done elsewhere. Time has been short here too…maybe the clock has shrunk and no one noticed?

    1. It’s so true. My kitchen cabinets are in desperate need of a wipedown and my floors are sticky, but the outdoors (and work, plain old work) are what win at this time of year. It was so nice to steal a couple of hours to spend on something that we’d only normally consider doing in the depth of the winter! I’m with you on the clock suspicions… 🙂

  3. Ha! Love the mirror, and love that you used your free time to work on a project together. Did the boys love it? We have two boy-free successive days coming up this week too, thanks to grandma. I’m mostly looking forward to the mornings and reading the paper uninterrupted from cover to cover! Have been intrigued to play with mod podge for a while. Must get to the craft store. Enjoy your fresh raspberries!

    1. Thanks, Sas! It seems to have been a hit with our target audience, so that’s good 🙂 Enjoy your time perusing the paper in uninterrupted bliss, sounds wonderful. And do get some mod podge, it’s great fun!

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