Baby chicks at the feeding rock

Our week-old Ameraucauna chicks have been venturing out with the flock and visiting the feeding rock. In order to keep the adult birds from eating the chicks’ feed, my husband used an old plastic cake dome and base for a makeshift feeder. Today was all about exploring it and figuring it out.

11 thoughts on “Baby chicks at the feeding rock

  1. Loving the continuing story of life around the feeding rock. Gorgeous chicks. The adults are handsome too though, with those impressive ruffled bottoms. Beautiful looking ground cover – I’m thinking that would be lovely and soft to lie down in on a hot day.

    1. Thanks Sas. I know, I think those ruffled bottoms were a great inspiration for women’s fashions of yesteryear, so impressive as you say. The ground cover is so tall in places that the chicks can basically hide in it, which I think is super.

    1. It was really sweet watching it try to figure out how to reach the rest of the flock through the plastic; my husband ended up giving the feeder a little shake to help get the chick to the entrance!

  2. Both young and old, these are some handsome birds. I’ve not seen Ameraucaunas before. Are they good layers? I hope so because a pretty face will only get a chicken so far. 🙂

    1. I do find them very handsome, thanks John. They are a heritage breed and their laying can be somewhat unpredictable compared to other breeds. Their eggs are gorgeous, a pale blue-green shell usually, and absolutely delicious.

  3. The cake dome feeder is brilliant! When we have chicks it can be very frustrating trying to feed them. If I put feed where they can reach it the rest of the flock gobbles it up immediately, even though they have plenty of feed of their own in their feeder! No matter how often I explain that to them, they eat the chicks food first anyway.

    1. Thank you! I do think they are a pretty breed, especially the roosters with their iridescent tail feathers. The chicks are just over a month old now. Nothing beats eggs from your own chickens, as you know! 🙂

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