Walking on eggshells

Chicken eggs in garden shoes

Our youngest is responsible for letting our chickens out of the coop every morning, checking that they have fresh water and perhaps a bit of corn or something from the garden, and tucking them up again at night. He also tries to remember to check the coop for eggs.

One morning recently I could hear a funny knocking at the mudroom door, and found youngest son with his hands full of eggs. “I forgot the basket”, he said. “Quick, I’ve got eggs balanced on my feet in my boots too, and I’m trying not to break them as I walk!” Amazingly, not a single egg was broken.

It was time to head off for school and, pressed for time, he did the only thing that made sense to him – he tucked the eggs into my gardening shoes until I could deal with them after the run to school.

15 thoughts on “Walking on eggshells

  1. I cannot IMAGINE how he managed to balance them on his feet, without breaking them. Great story. This time of year I use the bottom edge of my t-shirt like an apron when caught in Petkid’s situation, and it works extremely well – much better than the coat pockets I use in winter (I have broken eggs more than once in my pockets!).

    1. I know, it seems crazily impossible to me. Having said that, when he did it on another day right after that, one broke, but at least it’s easy to hose down a rubber boot! I like the t-shirt/apron method myself when I’m caught without a basket. Broken eggs in pockets must be awfully sticky!

    1. I’m still impressed when I think of it! Yes, we need a dedicated mud room in this climate, it would be endless chaos in the house otherwise 🙂

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