Celebrating summer

Chocolate roulade with strawberry decoration

School’s out and today we celebrated the start of summer with friends. The younger kids played outside for hours (water play was definitely a major feature), the big kids set up on the kitchen island with several board games, and the adults chatted on the porch. There was loads of fresh fruit, especially strawberries, and a chocolate roulade, courtesy of our teenager.

Chocolate roulade is a tasty treat that just happens to be gluten-free as it doesn’t include flour of any kind in the ingredient list. My fearless teenager, who is always happy to tackle baking that involves a tricky step or two, has been making this particular recipe for several years. Today, he proudly showed me how tidy he has become in separating eggs:

Egg yolks and whites in separate bowls

He loves the old-fashioned hand mixer that I picked up for a few dollars at a flea market years ago.

Teen baking in the kitchen

The chocolate sheet cake before rolling:

Chocolate roulade in the pan

Today we took turns whipping the cream and I spread it on the cake. He took the honours of rolling (it’s actually more like folding):

Teen rolling chocolate roulade

Transferring roulade to a plate

A lovely treat that’s really quite light and a perfect companion for fresh fruit. There are many recipes for chocolate roulade easily available on the internet:

This one, from the BBC, is very close to the one my son makes.
This one, from the UK’s Sam Stern, is a nice variation.

Chocolate roulade

Here’s a sneak peek of something we’ll be doing this summer now that we’ve added a zipline from the treehouse platform (normally with a helmet and footwear more appropriate than wellies!).

Kid on zipline

2 thoughts on “Celebrating summer

  1. Oh, your celebration of school’s end and the beginning of summer sounds lovely. We’ve had similar occasions in the past, but didn’t pull it off this year, nor did we have the weather on our side. Sounds like you did, so that there was space for the different levels of energy to find their niches.

    The roulade looks delicious, and a little fiddly. Kudos to your teenager!

    A zipline in your backyard – my girls would be so jealous. They and I love ziplining (hubby not so much), and the girls tried inventing a zipline between two of our century old (and somewhat rickety) old apple trees a few years ago, but the project kind of fizzled. Perhaps just as well.

    1. I’m happy to say that it did turn out this year; as you note, the various elements needed don’t always cooperate, so it was a treat – an afternoon that did indeed fit everyone. The teens even joined us grownups to chat later in the day, but the younger kids stayed outside until the very end.

      I think it’s great that your daughters had a go at rigging up their own zipline, good for them, even if it didn’t come to fruition. We’ve had everything but the harness for two years, and finally got ourselves organized this year to put it up and move things forward again. Petkid says he plans to live on it this summer if he can 🙂

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