GF Rhubarb Almond Muffins

Gluten free rhubarb almond muffins

Don’t let the GF (gluten free) part scare you away if you like gluten or don’t need to be GF; these muffins are so very good. With an abundance of rhubarb in my front garden, I’m casting around for new ways to prepare rhubarb on most days. Rhubarb compote has made almost daily appearances around here and last night I went searching for inspiration in the form of a muffin. I took a mainstream recipe from Saveur which looked rather delicious, and simply gave it the GF-treatment.

I was glad to switch out the butter for coconut oil in the original list of ingredients for the muffins, as it enhanced the modest amount of coconut flour that I used in my flour blend. I ran out of coconut oil at that point, and ended up using butter in the streusel topping. No complaints on flavour, but next time I’ll try to stick to making these a bit healthier.

Ingredients for almond streusel topping

GF Rhubarb Almond Muffins with Streusel Topping

Muffin Ingredients
3 cups flour blend (I used 1 cup almond flour, 1.5 cups sorghum, 0.5 cup coconut flour)
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp xanthan gum
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 cup yogurt (mine was goat’s milk, but any yogurt or kefir would do nicely)
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup coconut oil
2 eggs (with thanks to our hens!)
1 tsp almond extract
2 stalks rhubarb, cut into 1/4 inch pieces
1/2 cup slivered almonds

Streusel Ingredients
1/2 cup almond flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 tsp almond extract
4 tbsp butter (cold, cut into small pieces)
1/2 cup slivered almonds

Step 1 – Preheat oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit

Step 2 – Cut up rhubarb and place in a bowl

Step 3 – Mix dry ingredients, take out 1/4 cup and mix with rhubarb

Step 4 – Mix wet ingredients

Step 5 – Mix dry and wet ingredients, then fold in rhubarb

Step 6 – Spoon batter into muffin tins

Step 7
– Combine streusel ingredients, then top unbaked muffins

Step 8
– Place tins in oven and bake for approximately 22 – 24 minutes

Makes approximately 18 muffins

The batter is decidedly chunky with all that rhubarb and I worried that I’d overdone it with my star ingredient, but the final baked muffin is a lovely blend and has great texture. The streusel is truly the icing on the cake, nudging these into special territory.

The original Saveur recipe called for lemon zest in the streusel; personally, I’d have used orange zest if I was going to go that route, but I didn’t use any citrus and found the resulting muffin to be extremely tasty. Orange zest might have bumped it up a notch (I love mixing flavours), but I really didn’t miss it (nor did my husband, who is my trusty muffin tester).

GF rhubarb almond muffins

After a heavy evening in the garden, tilling and planting, these felt like a well deserved treat.

Rhubarb almond muffin with streusel topping, GF

9 thoughts on “GF Rhubarb Almond Muffins

    1. Thank you. I’m a big coffee cake fan and I think you’re right to make the comparison. Portable rhubarb coffee cake!

  1. Those look really delicious. We had a customer today ask us if we had any rhubarb. Honestly, I know nothing about it. I wish I could send him your way!

    1. Thank you, we do think they are rather good! Hopefully you and your customer can at least get frozen rhubarb from somewhat colder climes in the US?

    1. Thanks Sheryl! I know you can appreciate how almond flour is actually just the right thing for this, making for a dense and flavourful base.

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