Summer dining comes early

Outdoor dining comes early-ish

Well, not that early. But given that we still had snow just a scant few weeks ago, the fact that we’re already able to dine effectively outdoors on our screened in porch is pretty amazing. Today was particularly warm and humid, which is why my youngest was without a tee-shirt in these pictures. And Reggie needed no reminders to take up a position where he could reasonably hope to find crumbs coming his way!

Writing after dark as I am, the night is now alive with creatures calling out their existence, one of the best indicators that winter is now just a memory. Good riddance, winter – for a little while, anyway!

Mealtime in springtime

8 thoughts on “Summer dining comes early

  1. love your screened porch. My spouse would like that. We have the deck (our boards run the other way – from the house out). Our back deck looks out to our neighbor’s (side of lot) out of our 1/3 acre suburban.

    1. Thank you, we feel so fortunate to have it after years of thinking about and wishing for a room just like it. We had a deck at our last home and used it endlessly. All outdoor spaces enhance a home!

  2. Well, I’m glad you finally got some warm weather. A screened porch is perfect mosquito protection.
    It looks like there is only one plate with greens on it. I bet that’s yours…hmmmm. 🙂

    1. Oh gosh, we’re so glad too. It’s funny, the screening is great at certain times of the summer when late night bugs are at their worst, but we don’t have much need for keeping mosquitoes out as the winds we get on this hill are quite constant and they just don’t seem to collect up here! That’s so funny that you noticed the greens; it’s true, only my husband and I indulged in spinach salad tonight (and that was indeed my plate waiting at the corner of the table!). What an eye you have 🙂

    1. Isn’t the warmth so delicious? I’m grabbing every moment that I can to soak it up. Everyone around is so grateful for it. Enjoy your porch, you must love it!

  3. Love these shots…if I didn’t know how recently you had snow on the ground, I’d totally believe they were portraying summer – bright greens, bottle of wine, bare torso. A harbinger of things to come.

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