It must be spring

Two Ameraucana roosters fighting

Although temperatures have been fluctuating up and down, we’re able to spend more and more time outside, getting in to the gardening groove. We did some planting of seeds that can be directly sown in the garden this evening (carrots, radishes, beets, kale and chard) as well as a bit of general tidying. There always seems to be a lot of tidying needed in the spring.

The roosters in our little flock of Ameraucauna chickens (which I’ve been misspelling the last two years!) normally assert their machismo simply through a lot of crowing. Endless crowing! This afternoon, a little sparring was in order and I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera.

Roosters going head to head

Roosters sparring, neck feathers spread

A good portion of this encounter found the two roosters knocking repeatedly against toy trucks that my younger son left lying around the yard. At one point they both fell in a deep (temporary) ditch next to the coop. That gave them pause for a moment.

Two Ameraucauna roosters

“Do you think we look silly?”, I can almost imagine them saying.

Roosters fighting

Roosters aloft, fighting

“Who cares!”

10 thoughts on “It must be spring

    1. Thanks Katherine! I think that everyone I know is really trying their best to enjoy this spring now that it’s finally here – it’s really nice to share the enthusiasm, isn’t it!

  1. Yes isn’t it WONDERFUL! Leaves, grass, weeds – are all growing at an incredible rate! Bring it on!
    Ahhhh, chickens and Tonka trucks – there’s no better combination.

    1. It surely is! I never cease to be amazed by how we go from brown and dull to green busting out everywhere in such a short space of time. It’s like a race at this stage of the season! Wasn’t that humidity crazy today 🙂

    1. Thanks Sheryl, we’re really enjoying it. Spending time in your garden sounds lovely, it’s one of life’s great pleasures.

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