Chasing the sun

Dog and woman on ski hill

Sunshine and temperatures just below zero enticed us to spend large chunks of our day outside today, a welcome development after far too many deeply cold and unfriendly days this winter. We strapped on our skis (cross-country) for a little downhill action behind the house and to play ball with Reggie.

Black lab looking at setting sun

Our youngest carefully created a small jump partway down the hill, inspired by previous winter fun on this same hill and by the Olympic events that we’ve been viewing in our downtime.

Young boy travelling over small ski jump

We even managed to get our teenager out for a few runs after he had put in a long shift at work.

Teenager flying over small ski jump

Trying to make the fun last as long as possible, my husband grilled our supper outside on the barbecue – lamb chops, fries and onions, followed by s’mores, of course!

Supper on the barbecue in winter

Wishing everyone fair weather, wherever you are – goodness knows everyone needs it.

19 thoughts on “Chasing the sun

    1. It was a lot of fun; there’s something very carefree about cooking outside, especially when common sense says it’s not really the ‘right’ time!

  1. What a lovely day! So glad you had a little warmth with that sunshine…. relative warmth I should say! We are very spoiled here 🙂

    1. Thanks John, I love your obvious sense of adventure! I bet you’d have made something special of a winter barbecue – I’d love to know what you’d cook in those conditions!

  2. Ha! A BBQ in the snow — love it! And of course we’ve had our share, coming from Boston. Super fun. Way to make the most out of a snowy day — it always makes me smile to see the wonderful ways your family enjoys themselves, Olympics inspired or otherwise. Kudos to the Mom of course! 😉

    1. A fellow winter barbecue fan, how fantastic! You’ve got new outdoor adventures now, which must be great fun. I sure didn’t want to go in that day, it was so unbelievably perfect. On my last run down I skipped the jump, though – I thought, if I’m going to get injured it’s sure to be on my last run of the day!

      1. Ha! Probably a good idea. 🙂 I usually err the other way — just one more jump! And then we all end up bruised, or soaked or muddy — either way, time outdoors is time well spent.

    1. I’m really glad to share an egg barbecue tip with a fellow egg-lover! Aren’t they great! Thanks for pointing out the sloppy joes – sounds perfect for us 🙂

  3. What great fun…I almost wish we had snow…’almost’ being the key word. Do you think all that snow will put an end to the drought you were talking about in July 2012?

    1. I totally get the ‘almost’ in almost wishing you had snow. We simply make the best of it, but if I had my druthers, I’d rather go without! I certainly hope that this year’s glut of snow will make for a wet enough growing season. Fingers crossed!

  4. Catching up on my blog reading df, and your post is a ripper, as always. Love your photos – Reggie with the sprinkle of snow on his nose, the sun-kissed snow and all the glee (from humans and dog alike); oh and the heavily-gloved hand tending the BBQ! And what a beautiful-looking BBQ with the textured metal dome.
    PS. had no idea one could cook fries on a BBQ!

    1. Aw, thanks Sas. We’ve been back in the deep freeze, so it does my heart good to look back on this post! The BBQ is a ceramic egg; it retains heat as well as our woodstove and I can bake in it after cooking the main meal, which is pretty great. I bet you would have some amazing barbecue recipes for me!

  5. Hi Dagne, thank you for sharing your family’s wonderful life with us! It’s so nice to see how you all enjoy the outdoors so much. It rained here in LA last week, and mass hysteria broke out!

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