Boy and dog in snow squall

Today we’re very happy to be able to just stay home; fierce winds are whipping up snow already on the ground and creating temporary white out conditions. Petkid has a great series of photos that he shared earlier this morning of our walk with Reggie, you can check them out here. It’s a great day to be winterbound.

Picnic table deep in snow

10 thoughts on “Winterbound

    1. It’s very much what I think being in a sandstorm would be like, that’s a great analogy! The best part of today is definitely being inside and looking out 🙂

  1. Hello DF. We drove through your area yesterday enroute to Kitchener from Carp – weather was beautiful. We hit “winter driving” around Peterborough and edged our way slowly toward home. Today I too am glad to be housebound. Our view isn’t quite as pleasing as yours, but the swirl of the drifts in the park behind our house is pleasing, even in an urban environment. The woodpeckers, cardinals and blue jays don’t mind the cold so we have lots to colour to enjoy.

    Keep up the great photos of yummy baking.

    John in Kitchener

    1. How nice to hear from you John and glad to hear that you got home safely and without incident. There is so much about winter driving that is hard to recommend! Having all of those birds on your back doorstep sounds rather nice. Even just a little slice of the outdoors with its attendant wildlife is a special thing. Thanks for the kind words and hope you are enjoying your own winter.

  2. Wow, your outdoor table appears to be luxuriously padded! The photo of Reggie and Petkid looks like a painting. In fact your Winter images are often art pieces; that beautiful light and those long shadows. Enjoy your day inside. We’re cooped up inside today too, due to the opposite weather extreme.

    1. It’s funny that you say that, Sas, as when I looked down at the picnic table from our living room, I couldn’t help but think how comfortable it looked! But imagine actually sitting there now for a meal – yikes! Thanks for the lovely, lovely feedback – you are much too kind. Hope you are staying very cool in your extreme heat and that it passes soon.

  3. Hi Dagne — sending you some warm hugs on this cold winter day! No snow here in these parts, just frost. But the kids were delighted this morning to see the patterns Jack Frost had etched onto our windows. 🙂 I’m so excited to see PetKid has a blog! I’m going over now to check it out.

    1. Lovely to hear from you Melissa! I’m glad that your children can witness the artwork of Jack Frost even without snow; it’s pretty special, isn’t it. It must be rather beautiful in your part of the world right now. PetKid will be thrilled to have a new friend visit his blog, that’s really kind!

    1. Winter storms are great when you can be set to enjoy them, which sadly with our busy lives many of us often are not. I’m always glad to have a big dog who must be walked regardless, because even when that windchill is nasty, it’s still good to get out! Enjoy your fresh snow 🙂

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