Firing up the Ironheart

Yes, it’s that time of the year. We’re completely overrun by outside jobs to tend to before winter, only more so than usual. The list is long, thanks to our greenhouse ‘collapse’ and a minor invasion of wild parsnip, as well as a serious lack of time for being outside.

In the meantime, we need to look after seasonal jobs that can’t be ignored, like getting our firewood into nicely stacked piles in and around the house for easy access. This year PetKid took the lead with chucking logs down our homemade log chute, while older son helped when he could with stacking.

Young boy tossing firewood

Wall stacked with firewood

Technically an inside job, my husband and youngest also gave our woodstove a thorough clean the other evening, and assessed our Ironheart to see what parts might need replacing this year (gaskets being the obvious choice).

Father and son cleaning out a woodstove

Esse Ironheart with its cooking surface removed

Annual Ironheart maintenance

Thankfully, our Ironheart burns so cleanly that when my husband swept the chimney recently, he wondered why he had bothered. At least it’s another job done.

14 thoughts on “Firing up the Ironheart

  1. Oh my, look at that haircut! I love that you got them in almost the exact same stances in two of the pictures. Love the log chute. Hope that son #1 was not stacking logs while #2 was enthusiastically chucking logs down the chute! And I am SOOO envious of the Ironheart (including it’s name).

    1. He’ll be very chuffed to hear that about his haircut. It was a really big deal. The log chute works really well, but as you might guess, we have a strict policy of the area below being uninhabited while the chute is in action; anyone waiting down below to stack has to wait for a loud ‘All Clear!’ The name of the Ironheart does make it sound as though we’re in some wonderfully ancient stronghold, doesn’t it 🙂

  2. Gotta love the Ironheart! We had a chimney sweep come in to do ours and he said it didn’t need cleaning at all! We absolutley love our Esse and can’t wait for winter to come around again. Love the wood stack!

    1. I know, we just find ourselves gushing over it, because it’s pretty incredible. Everyone around here is anxiously awaiting the first fire, which helps to ward off the end of summer blues 🙂 Warm wishes for your own heating season!

    1. Yes, once summer is done here, it very much feels like winter is on its way. We won’t actually need the Ironheart for a while yet, thanks to how warm our house stays on its own, but once we do, it’s barely a cord that we need thanks to how efficient the Ironheart/house construction (insulated concrete forms) is.

  3. Hi All.Weve had our Ironheart on the go a couple of times in the last week or so.Weather here (W.Sussex Uk) is still pretty good,but some rain and a fresh sea wind quickly cools the barn down.We have scrounged plenty of wood this year,enough I think for maybe three winters,as logs are a horrendous price (£90) for a small load.Would last about two weeks good burning.We have two stoves one upstairs in the lounge t’other in kitchen/living room.Hopefully won’t spark up stove in the upstairs lounge for a couple of months yet.
    Still enjoying blog.Jim

    1. There is definitely some envy here that you’ve already had your Ironheart going! It must feel good to have gathered so much wood to have on hand; three winters’ worth is fantastic. Is it quite a mix of different types of wood, or a lot of the same kind? Do you have a particular approach to stacking the wood? Great to hear from you!

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