8 thoughts on “Summer Break

  1. Enjoy your summer break! Looks like the dog managed to tire petkid out – bet that was a feat! You take the most amazing photos – seriously – that rainbow picture has wonderful contrast and the way the solar array leads to the centre – wow. Canoeing and camping – two of our favourite things – well, kayaking, but close. Have fun!

    1. Thank you so much! It was much needed and greatly enjoyed. You are very kind about the photos; it helps when mother nature cooperates so nicely too, I must say! The teenager rented a kayak on one of our camping days, and that is always a lot of fun (I can steer better in a kayak than I can a canoe!).

  2. Gorgeous photos df. Is that a huge row of solar panels under the rainbow? I’m being a real busy-body, but your hot-house has me intrigued too! Love your pop-top caravan, and the photo of Reggie and petkid is divine. Reggie looks so protective.

    1. Thank you Saskia! Yes, those are indeed solar panels. We leased a little piece of our land to a company for 20 years and we get a portion of the income generated (but didn’t have to incur any set up costs ourselves). The greenhouse is a point of contention as it hasn’t held up well (though it’s full of about 30 tomato plants as I write)…we really want a permanent one someday. Lovely to ‘see you’ here as always!

  3. Hey Dagne! I love these pictures! 🙂 What a giant rainbow, and what a treasured sleeping shot of your little guy. Looks like you are having a fabulous summer! Just the other day I showed my kids how to make a rainbow with the garden hose, and they were delighted. These warm months sure are a treasure, and I know you know how to enjoy them!

    1. Melissa, what a nice surprise! Thanks for your kind words, as always. I love that you did the garden house rainbow trick with your kids; such fantastically simple things that are so special. I bet you are having lots of fun packing in neat outdoor activities with your kiddos.

      1. That sounds like the right kind of trade-off Melissa, adventure wins hands-down over unpacking boxes! Having moved twice in three months in 2010, I feel for you 🙂

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