In bloom

Apple blossoms are absolutely everywhere on our property at the moment, making massive amends for the intensely dull brownness that pervaded our landscape just a few weeks ago. May is one of the very prettiest moments where we live, and we are doing our best to simply enjoy it. An early ‘summer’ (still more than a month away officially) catapulted us outdoors with a frenzy, providing a partial excuse for my absence here recently. Mastering the art of gluten free baking and family meals being perhaps the best excuse that I have. More on our favourite gluten-free finds very soon, but in the meantime, some shots from a walk through our old (as in much neglected) orchard and woods today.

23 thoughts on “In bloom

    1. Thank you. It really is a moment; I was fully intending to also take photos of our serviceberry, manchu cherry and plum trees today, and all were ‘past their prime’ within just a few days of coming into bloom! Drat!

  1. Great spring shots – although we’ve had very warm weather recently, today I found myself cutting the grass in a snow storm! That after the wind tipped over my mini-greenhouse and forced me to do some much-needed potting up of my soil blocks. So, seeing spring blossoms was a nice break. Despite the changeable weather today, I was still able to eat from our garden (jerusalem artichoke bisque with chives and garlic chives – at least and at last, a taste of spring).

    John in Kitchener

    1. Thank you. We shared your strange weather today, at least to a degree. The day started out windy, but we were blessed with a lot of sunshine until mid-afternoon when the wind picked up hugely and we were lashed with rain on and off. At one point the thermometer dropped to 4 degrees (and apparently we’re due for a frost tonight). I’m grateful we didn’t get snowflakes though! That must have thrown you a bit! I can relate to the greenhouse work; ours really took a beating this winter and we seem to be continually repairing it. Congrats on your delicious sounding soup made with your garden bounty! I’m so excited to know that tomorrow we’ll have our first rhubarb of the year. Thanks so much for taking time to share your own day.

  2. Oh my god, I LOVE looking at the photos of your orchard and woods. So beautiful. Those floral boots are looking pretty darn cute too. Reggie looks like one happy dog. I may be mistaken but he appears to be smiling in that last photo.

    1. It’s delightful knowing that pictures like these can give others so much pleasure; thanks for the kind words. I couldn’t resist including my boots, having been so thrilled when I found them in England in March. I have to agree about Reggie’s ‘smile’; it’s a pretty fine life for a dog.

      1. Yes! Our first trip away without our boys in 12 years (when our oldest was three) if you can believe it! Dining out at some of London’s best offerings, Pakistani, Turkish, Italian, you name it, was such a treat. We saw family and old friends, made it to the theatre and a movie – it was so grown up! Just in case you’re feeling too jealous though, I must add that we were on the south coast for a freak snow storm (six inches, proper snow) and thought “Really?!” Naturally, we were blamed for the snow.

      2. Not jealous at all. Well, maybe a lot… can’t even begin to imagine how amazing that must’ve been to be able to flap your untethered wings! Even the freak snow storm sounds beautiful.

  3. Lovely pictures! Those yellow flowers by the stream are Marsh Marigolds. Wow, once you prune (heavily lol) your apple trees they will produce amazingly. They do best when you prune them through the winter – about 1/3 at a time.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I never knew the name, Marsh Marigolds is so fitting, isn’t it! Yes, we’ve got pruning tasks lined up, but have only properly pruned one tree close to the house. We’ve found the bushclearing so overwhelming (and finally got serious about the right tools this year), that we couldn’t face the finer task of pruning the apple trees until now. Can’t wait to see what harvest we might enjoy once we get even a fraction of the trees done!

    1. Oh, thank you. Still so much work to be done, but I like to think that there is nothing to do but enjoy the view at this very short time of year, which is rather nice.

  4. Didn’t know you all had such an extensive orchard. Wow! Very happy for you. Those old trees do need some help but I know you will get there eventually. The good thing is they are there and spring is a lovely time to enjoy the blooms if nothing else. Homesteading with an established orchard – really am happy for you.

    1. Yes, we’re still getting to grips with having this wonderful, but desperately overgrown resource. We’ve been trying to do it all by hand, but the job is too big. We’re going to do some larger scale clearing this year so that we can get down to the finer, manual business of pruning the trees properly. Hopefully come this autumn we may have properly restored part of the orchard! Thanks for your kind words.

      1. Another thought comes to mind on the orchard. The wood of apple and pear imparts a fine aroma when smoking food (or just burning) and the grain is very beautiful when worked into furniture, cabinetry, or wood crafts.

      2. I think that’s a really fantastic thought. On the burning front, apple wood is one of the hardest, densest woods that you can burn, making it a good long burner, and you are so right about the aroma. And furniture – what a lovely idea! We actually planted a very young black walnut tree last year hoping that someone in the distant future might get to harvest the wood, as it’s really amazing for furniture and woodcraft.

  5. Your land is so lovely! We’re taking our first tentative steps and looking at some acreage outside of the city this weekend. Your pictures here are pretty close to what I hope it looks like. Reality, I’m sure, will be entirely different!

    1. Thank you! And I’m so excited for you; I’d love to hear how you get on in your early looking at options outside the city. I’m crossing my fingers for you!

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