It must be spring

Birthday photos for a boy

In the past week, my older boy turned 15. I can’t even begin to contemplate what the next birthday will be like, 16 being a number that seems a little larger than life at this point.

Two brothers with birthday balloons and a dog

Gluten free pancakes and noisy balloons were served up for breakfast before school.

Moss covered stones

Walks in the wood revealed moss-covered stones and the last tiny patch of snow.

Kicking at a last patch of snow in spring

Reggie started retrieving from the pond again, in earnest.

Black lab retrieving from a pond

And looking just as sweet as can be afterwards (yes, I’ve fallen hard for this young dog since he joined our family last summer).

Reggie, a black lab

We have even started moving a few precious young plants out into the garden; youngest son is seen here planting some of his kale plants in the small bed outside our front door.

Planting kale in spring

So many jobs to do now that the warmer weather is here. One at time, that’s all we can do.

16 thoughts on “It must be spring

  1. This time of the year is so busy, but we love it. My wife always asks…”Are we crazy to try and grow our own food and live sustainably?” She knows my answer because we talk about it all the time. By gardening we’re getting a lot of exercise as well as good nutritious food. We know where it comes from and how it was grown. The reward is in the doing and eating. We can harvest it and have it on the table in less than a half hour. Now that’s fresh!

    1. Oh yes! You’ve just written everything that I feel and the reward, as you say, is so great. I do find that I need a kick or two to get myself going after the winter slow down, but it doesn’t take too long to get back into gear and feeling enthusiastic, especially knowing that homegrown meals won’t be too far away.

    1. Thanks Angela! It is indeed so exciting. I sometimes wish we could banish winter altogether, but then we probably wouldn’t have this love affair with spring if it was always the same.

  2. Happy Birthday to the oldest boy. It’s a bittersweet moment when our babies ‘grow up’ isn’t it.
    I noticed this week that the grass is really greening up. It’s beginning to get very busy outside around here!

    1. It’s lovely to see the grass getting green, isn’t it! That ‘brown moment’ that we have is always one I can’t wait to get past. Enjoy all your own outdoor activity!!

    1. It’s great to get someone else’s perspective on our landscape; it’s easy to become a bit too familiar with what’s around you every day, isn’t it. Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Oh my, you have a 15-year old!! He looks SO tall. I’ll bet he has those enormous teenager feet too. Cannot even imagine my boys being so big.
    Reggie looks absolutely lovely. Great close-up photo! Our cat has been behaving like a dog recently, bounding up to the front door when we get home, and licking our hands.
    The moss-covered stones are beautiful. I can imagine fairies hopping from one to the other (can you tell I’m the mother of a 5-year old)?
    Lovely landscape photos, as always.

    1. Oh yes, he’s just shy of 6 feet! And the feet are absolutely enormous! He delights in calling me shorty even though I’m 5 foot 7, thank you very much 🙂 Your cat sounds a delight; I wonder what brought on the more dog-like behaviour? That’s so sweet and un-catlike! I like your image of faeries. Five is such a gorgeous age. Sigh.

    1. Thank you Sheryl! I’d love to see a picture of Grace some time – maybe you’ll do a scrumptious baked treat for dogs at some point, and Grace can model? I can see it already… 🙂

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