Spring comes calling

A lone cardinal appeared at our window every morning for what seemed like weeks in late winter, insistently tapping, and then one morning he didn’t return. But spring is finally here.

Cardinal tapping at window

The trees on the horizon bronze with sunlight in the early morning, the light much warmer than it’s been for months.

Bronze trees in the distance in early morning

Birds lingering at the tops of trees, calling out, this one a red-winged blackbird.

Red winged blackbird at the top of a tree

Our youngest is suddenly drawn to the outdoors for extended periods on his own without warning, unwilling to come in for meals or other routine activities. It’s hard to mind, really.

Boy playing outside in early spring

We’re suddenly knee-deep in seed packets and plans for planting, instead of snow and ice. The evenings are still cool though, so the woodstove will remain busy just in the evenings for a little while yet.

Seed packets laid out on a table

And this boy is one year old, today! Happy birthday Reggie!

One year old black labrador retriever

17 thoughts on “Spring comes calling

  1. That second photo is incredible – the trees appear to be alight! Love hearing about your wildlife – cardinals and red-winged blackbirds seem so much more exotic than the sparrows and mynah birds that gather around our house. Happy birthday Reggie!

    1. Thank you! I was so pleased to get the photo. ‘Exotic’ always seems to be what exists elsewhere, doesn’t it! Reggie says a big thanks for the kind birthday wishes.

  2. How fortunate you are to have been visited by a cardinal! I have yet to see one in our yard. We do get robins each year under our deck, though. It’s a real treat to watch them build their nest and care for their young ones. Happy Birthday to Reggie! You can tell a little someone in your house that Basil was one this month, too!

    1. Having birds nest right where you live and can watch them daily is the best, such a treat to observe. Reggie says thank you and PetKid and I send along birthday wishes to dear Basil!

    1. Indeed it is exciting! We’re trying to consolidate what we grow this year, though there is always that wonderful urge to try more new things! Reggie says a big thanks. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Reggie!
    Isn’t it wonderful when the kids can play outside all day and sleep so soundly at night?
    Your pictures are outstanding! I haven’t seen any Red-winged Blackbirds or Robins here yet.
    Aren’t your seeds so well organized! I’ve planted some tomatoes and flax inside already but haven’t started anything else.
    I find that I like a fire first thing in the morning when it’s chilly and let it die out by noon, only to start another one after supper lol!
    Have a lovely Easter weekend.

    1. Oh yes, I love it. We went for a wonderful splash through the swollen stream in our woods today and it was as much fun for me as it was for youngest son and Reggie. Hoping I’ll be sleeping well too! Funny about the seeds; we had an empty K’nex box kicking around last year so I divided it down the middle with cardboard when I saw that I could keep my seed packets in two nicely spaced rows! A very happy Easter to you too!

  4. Happy Birthday Reggie! I too think you caught that light in the trees just amazingly. I would say you’ve still got it on the chilly side, judging by the snow in the “boy” picture….

    1. Reggie says a big thank you! I think I just got lucky with the light on the trees, but it’s a wonderfully happy accident, I must say. It was still pretty cold when I took those pictures, and then we’ve been up around 11 and 12 degrees the past few days, meaning the snow is almost all gone. Only a high of minus one tomorrow though!

  5. Hi you all, I suppose your UK. trip is memories now, as most Hols.quickly fade when life goes back to “normal”.Shame we couldn’t meet when you were over here, but tho we are only a few miles fro m where you were, as you said a “pig” of a road trip. The weather here is still naff , so Lionheart and other log burner have been going full pelt.We have used plenty of our log store so will be looking to re-plenish for the future.In our part of the country evryone seems to burn logs . This makes them an exspensive fuel to buy.A small load for £55.00 will go thru the chimney in about a week!! Where we lived before , in the suburbs of London, they couldn’t give it away. Still have photo’s of Barn and Lionheart in mind , hopefully soon.Tried planting out in veg. plot , but to cold yet. Even indoors we are about a month behind.Still I’m sure we will catch up.
    Regards Jim.

    1. Noticing the comings and goings of birds is definitely a great pleasure. We’ve got snow flurries tonight after a spell of reasonably warm, spring-like weather. I think the birds will be tucked up tonight!

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