Playful puppies: week 4

It’s time for another post by my youngest, PetKid, who we homeschool. We had an amazing offer from the breeder of our dog, Reggie, for a weekly visit and lesson on the newest litter of puppies. Our dog’s breeder, the wonderful Culandubh Kennels run by Laurel Cook and Ross McLaughlin in Clayton, Ontario, raises purebred Labradors, and the latest litter are entirely chocolate labs. This post covers week four.

Look at this puppy war! It’s so cute and fluffy. This week you can see the puppies are much more hyperactive.

Tiny chocolate lab puppies wrestling

When I went to visit the puppies had moved downstairs to an area with a heat lamp and a separate area filled with shavings for toileting. They had three stuffies to play with, as well as me! I sat in a corner with them crawling all over me, chewing on my clothes and snuffling.

Five-week old chocolate lab pups playing

I tired them out so much two fell asleep on my lap. The rest fell asleep in other spots.

Young boy with sleeping puppy on his knee

One of the puppies crashed out on a stuffed animal and another one couldn’t get to sleep and kept bothering the others. He finally went to sleep on top of one of his sisters.

Puppy crashed out on a stuffed animal

They are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

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