first eggs from Americauna chickens in winter

Our first eggs are here! My youngest helped me to take out the food and water the other morning, and as he’s prone to snooping around, he was rewarded with the first eggs laid by our Americaunas since taking on Esme and her eight (then) tiny chicks last September. We were warned that Americaunas are unreliable layers compared to other breeds, and in the deep freeze that we’ve experienced this season we knew not to expect anything.

I guess the warm spell that we just had gave Esme and the other girls the right signals. This picture does not do these pretty blue-green eggs justice, but it’s all I could get as everyone here was very enthusiastic. I’m hoping to have more egg news to share soon.

11 thoughts on “Eggs!

  1. How gorgeous! I can imagine you tucking into those eggs with glee (quite a bonus when chickens earn their keep). I’m actually just as pleased with your chicken’s name though – Esme is the perfect chook name!

    1. Thank you! It’s so true, there is nothing like tucking into something you’ve raised yourself, be it animal or vegetable. Esme is of course blushing at the compliment 🙂 Actually, my husband has spent the last nine or so years (since our youngest was born) joking that one day we’d have a girl we’d name Esme. When this beautiful hen came along, he got his wish!

    1. Thank you! I was feeling really chuffed this morning when I read a reminder of the fact that organically reared egg yolks are one of the very best sources of vitamin A. Good luck with your own ‘next phase’!

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