Comfort food

Cheesy pasta with red chard

It is late on a Sunday evening and the weekend is coming to a close in a way that I like. I have just deposited in the oven the red chard pasta dish with cream and Parmesan pictured here, next to the cinnamon breakfast loaf that my older son whipped up for the week ahead. Both are due to come out of the oven in about ten minutes.

This weekend I fell on the ice, we fixed up our hoop house after a bout of apparent mild vandalism, my husband and I fit in a long work meeting and I plodded through our finances for our little company’s year end, but we also fit in many chapters of our family book, made a crazy outing for doughnuts, and enjoyed some good moments together, with lots of laughter.

My kitchen is in chaos as we’re having some work done, and I’m staring down another busy week, but I’ve got comfort food. Here’s hoping you do too, whatever you’re doing.

15 thoughts on “Comfort food

  1. Oh yum! That looks fantastic, with all its creamy, parmesany, chardy goodness. The cinnamon loaf sounds gorgeous too – will you provide the recipe? Hope so! Hope you’re OK after your fall on the ice. Ouch. Life is crazy busy here too. Both boys at school, back to work, and all the after-school activities. It’s stinking hot here, but I’ve been craving slow-cooked beef and mash strangely enough.

    1. Thank you! It was as good as it looks! I will definitely plan to share the recipe for the cinnamon loaf in short order – it is so good! I’m bruised but otherwise okay, and wishing I had been wearing my snowshoes with metal teeth! I’m definitely envying your heat, though perhaps with a touch of moderation. Hope your boys are enjoying being back at school!

    1. I couldn’t agree more, and can’t wait for many more meals like this once we are awash in chard and other greens in the garden. after the fall I’m stiff and only a bit bruised, thankfully!

  2. Ah yes, comfort food. That casserole looks delicious. Sorry to hear you fell – that does not get easier with age! What a busy weekend you all had. We’ve all been hit by the flu bug, falling one pin at a time – hubby (the last one ) woke up with it today. We have been getting by on crock pot soups this past week – thank heavens for the crock pot and a well stocked freezer.

    1. Oh, I am sorry to hear that you’ve all been hit by the flu, that just isn’t any fun at all. So good that you’ve been able to fall back on a well stocked pantry, and crock pot soups sound like just the thing too! Yes, falling is very unforgiving as we age, I don’t recommend it, though thankfully I didn’t fare too badly (this time!).

    1. Oh, thank you! Yes, I definitely plan to share both of those recipes; my older son and I are working on our own revisions to the cinnamon breakfast bread and then we’ll roll that one out! Thanks for asking.

  3. Sorry to hear that you fell on the ice…it hasn’t been a really good week, has it? On a positive note, the comfort food does indeed look very comforting. Hopefully the days ahead will be better.

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