Old school failings

Cuisinart electric coffee grinder next to antique manual grinder

Some time back I promised to come clean about one of the ‘slow’ habits that I’ve chosen to give up, at least for the time being. Having written about my morning grind and showcased our lovely old manual grinder here, I was actually sad to give it up in favour of the modern, electric model seen next to it in the picture.

In my defence, after choosing to combine working from home with homeschooling one of our children last November and experiencing many days in a row when I just never got to have a cup of coffee, I had to make the leap. So, for now, I look fondly at the old hand grinder when I get up in the morning, but I gratefully reach for its modern counterpart while I try to do three or four other things at the same time.

Just in case we’re losing a lot of our old-school street cred, however, I’d like to point out that our family still elects to manually shovel this driveway. Even with both grown-ups and our 14-year old working at it solidly, it takes quite a long time to clear, especially if the snowfall was particularly big or heavy.

Big snowfall on driveway in Eastern Ontario December 2011

What you don’t see here is the section in front of the gate leading to the road, or the turn around to the right of the house and drive in the picture. In a big snow, my husband thinks we clear between 60 to 100 cubic yards; apparently older son will actually do the math tomorrow. Just in case you actually care!

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6 thoughts on “Old school failings

  1. Congratulations! I personally think that being too rigid about trying to do everything by hand is one of the green/simplicity movements biggest downfalls. Earlier this month with the combination of my elderly cat’s bladder problems and a spell of unseasonably cold weather here in Denver, I actually tossed a few loads of laundry into the dryer. There’s just no point in trying to hang a comforter out to dry in below freezing weather!

    1. Many thanks for the kind support. And you are absolutely right, rigid adherence to anything is pretty deadly. Hope your cat’s bladder problems have cleared up!

  2. We have the same Cuisinart grinder! In addition to grinding coffee, it’s perfect for grinding nuts. Dave has a pastry brush that he purchased exclusively for whisking out the coffee grinder after every use.

    1. We seem to like the same things, Libby! I love the idea of the pastry brush, that’s so clever and practical. I’ll have to borrow that idea, for sure.

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