Wind scoured

wind whipped fields of snow in winter
After a balmy break from the cold yesterday, the landscape was scoured by wind all day today. At times there was driving snow outside the window, but this wasn’t from the clouds above; the wind was so strong it was whipping the snow from the ground and driving it across the fields.

snow scoured valley
It was, needless to say, the perfect day to stay inside and get things done around the house. With three of us feeling under the weather, it was also well timed.

white out in winter field
I was happy to potter around the kitchen in the morning, roasting cauliflower with leeks and potatoes to add to a squash-based soup (the squash, from my garden, was pre-roasted yesterday), and baking a large batch of banana bread with the many overripe bananas in the fruit bowl. (Speaking of cauliflower, I’m keen to try the mashed potatoes with hidden roasted cauliflower from My Sister’s Pantry.)

roasted cauliflower, leeks and potatoes

One of the mini loaves was sprinkled with chocolate chips (for the teenager here) and one was chock-full of dates and walnuts (for the grown-ups). Youngest son favours the plain variety.
loaves of banana bread cooling on a rack
It was the kind of day where I was glad to be inside, looking out, especially after a bracing walk with the dog (no, I didn’t take my camera this time!). And now that we’re plunging back down into deep cold again, I think we’ll be happy to burrow inside for a few more days.
snow scoured landscape in January

16 thoughts on “Wind scoured

  1. Those roasted spuds and cauli look scrumptious! Love your landscape photos, especially the third – it looks like a beautiful painting. We’re having an ‘inside day’ too today, for different reasons (blisteringly hot out there).

    1. They were really good, thanks, and made the house smell wonderful! It was challenging getting a good shot through the window (outside my lens was not happy, nor was I!), and I’m thrilled that some of the pictures seem to have turned out effectively. Hope you are keeping cool in your crazy heat!

    1. Thanks for that! I had to take a whole bunch of pictures to get a few good ones, so it’s nice to get feedback. Nothing like wild weather for inspiration!

  2. We hunkered down here too. I was concerned that our power would go off since it did down the road.
    To be safe, I cooked a roast beef dinner with carrots and roasted home grown squash in the oven of my cookstove.
    At times, there were complete whiteouts outside! Good thing for wood heat, eh! Nice and cozy inside….

    1. Your roast beef dinner sounds like it must have been delicious! Nothing beats having a woodstove that generates heat and is good for cooking in this kind of weather!

  3. Beautiful pictures and landscape…. especially from inside a warm house, right? 😉 So glad you tried the cauliflower and potatoes. We did away with the leftovers quite fast. Hope you’re all feeling better!

    1. I love to get out, but coming in and sometimes staying in when it’s really fierce is just the best! Loved the cauliflower and potatoes – yum!

  4. love the images of the beautiful cold landscape juxtaposed with the warm loaves of bread – conjures up so many memories of cold winters and warm baking of childhood. : )

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