Homemade gerbil treats

Dog pawing rock in icy pond with boyThis post was created my youngest son, who will go by the moniker of PetKid here. He loves looking after all of our various animals, and today he’d like to share a method for making gerbil treats at home.

I decided to make gerbil treats today because I have an old gerbil, Flapjack, who isn’t feeling very well. His brother died suddenly before Christmas and he’s lonely. Here’s a picture of him when he was younger.

Gerbil on the run across a desk
Flapjack on the run!

So, I looked on the internet for a recipe or an idea of how to make gerbil treats. Here is a link to the YouTube video that I found; it’s useful to watch. Here is my version:

Homemade gerbil or hamster treats

Makes 3 medium-sized treats

6 tsp gerbil food (whatever you have to feed your gerbil or hamster with)
2 tsp birdseed (make sure it has no additives to keep away other wildlife)
1 tsp currants
1 tsp golden raisins
2 tsp unbleached flour
1 tsp spelt flour
1/2 tsp cornmeal
1/2 tsp dried unsweetened coconut flakes
1 to 1 1/2 tsp honey (liquid)
1 egg white

homemade gerbil treats
Gerbil treats

1. Combine dry ingredients and put them in a bag and hit it with a rolling pin or grind them very briefly in a small grinder. You want to end up with medium sized pieces and grainy bits all combined.

2. Then add the wet ingredients and mix it all together.

3. Spoon mixture into mini muffin cups or onto a baking sheet. Bake at 250 degrees celsius for about 25 minutes, and then check to see that they are no longer squishy in the middle. It could take up to an hour for them to be hard, which is what they need to be, otherwise the pet won’t eat very much!

Put one of these treats in your pet’s cage every two weeks or when there is just a little bit left. And a tip: before you give it to your pet, put the treat in the fridge for a few minutes if it’s still hot.

Hope your pet likes these! Please leave a comment if you have time.

20 thoughts on “Homemade gerbil treats

  1. I cracked up at the title–I half expected to see gerbil listed under ingredients. I’m going to share this with my little ones. I wonder if our rabbit would like them, too. What do I know? I get all my rodent dietary information from Beatrix Potter books.

    1. I love that! I’ll use this as an opportunity to talk about possible alternate interpretations for blog post titles! 🙂 I bet the rabbit might go for these – worth a shot, even if not endorsed by Ms. Potter.

    1. There is an extra one sitting on the counter and I keep thinking “I’ll just snack on that”! Youngest son has been thrilled by all the comments – thanks.

  2. How wonderful that you are making your gerbil his very own homemade treats! I’m sure he loves you very much! Your muffins look delicious – just thinking that our bunny, Basil, may enjoy them too!

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