Fresh snow

Young child in Santa hat standing watching snow falling

This boy wakes up every morning with his Santa hat on, ready for the day. This morning he was thrilled to see huge, fluffy snowflakes outside the window (this, following days of freezing rain).

Looking outside quietly he suddenly said, “I could watch these all day, but I’m not going to. I might as well go and play!” I need to remember to approach my day this way.

8 thoughts on “Fresh snow

  1. Love it. So happy to see another boy who wakes up every morning with his Santa hat on. Mine has also taken to sticking great wads of cushion stuffing to his chin with double-sided tape.
    Your snow looks so magic and Christmassy. We’re facing another boiling hot day today – it just doesn’t seem right!

    1. You should post a picture of your son with his Santa chin, that sounds wonderful! He clearly has no shortage of Christmas spirit.

      I can’t imagine a hot Christmas, though it would be fun for a change! It will be nice if this is a simple white Christmas; we’ve had a few too many with freezing rain.

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