Ice day

With a low last night of minus eight degrees (I believe that’s about 46 for our American friends), we found our pond quite frozen around the edges this morning. You’ve never seen a happier boy and dog.

Boy and black lab puppy by frozen pond in morning light

Black lab and boy tentatively playing by frozen water

Boy and dog on the ice in November

Black lab puppy walking on ice of frosted pond

Walking on top of the pond that he has so far been used to swimming in was definitely a novel experience. Just the day before, when it was slightly above zero, he had indeed been for a short swim.

Boy throwing rocks into icy pond

Boy pulling rock from icy pond

Dog pawing rock in icy pond with boy

A true friend, Reggie did his best to help remove a rock from the icy pond.

Dog and boy playing around frozen pond

Boy smashing ice with long stick

Dog fishing ice chunks from pond in November

Although he really has more of a taste for pond ice than rocks.

Boy with chunk of ice in early November

We were pretty surprised by just how thick the ice was in some places, but our pond is in a valley that easily goes five degrees below recorded temperatures up at the house. All in all, a pretty swell start to the day.

17 thoughts on “Ice day

    1. Yes, it’s a recipe as old as time, isn’t it! We went down to minus 10 last night, but now we’re supposed to be dipping up again for the next week. You know how this goes!

    1. It was gone very quickly indeed! We get these crazy temperature swings at this time of year – after getting even colder overnight tonight (in the 30s for you), we’re supposed to go up to 13/14 degrees this weekend (mid 50s?).

  1. I’m amazed at how thick the ice is on your pond! Ours is barely skimmed over with ice.
    It CAN be dangerous this time of year when the ice is thinner out further and dogs/people walk on it………… I used to forbid my children from going near the river when it first ices over (until I confirm the ice thickness – 4″ to walk on safely).
    Your son appears to be having a blast………… skipping rocks on a frozen pond is tons of fun too!

    1. I was kind of shocked by that piece of ice, but it really happened! Our valley is so much colder than up at our house, and the change in elevation isn’t that big. I’m the biggest scaredy cat around water in winter (having fallen in as a child). The boys are forbidden to go to the pond on their own once this type of weather sets in, and we just won’t walk Reggie near the pond off-leash once the pond freezes over. The idea of him walking out to the middle and then crashing through is awful!

      1. For future reference, if you can leave a long ladder close by, it’s a great thing to scoot out over the ice for a hapless skater-swimmer to grab.

        Although your pond doesn’t look direly deep, so I think the paddlers will suffer no more than chilly toes!

      2. I think the ladder idea is good one and we have been looking at what permanent devices like that to have by the pond, just in case. It does get deeper in the middle, which is why I want to be careful about the dog’s access after this initial intro. I have visions of him walking out to the middle and then falling in well out of reach!

    1. Thank you! Oh yes, kids do stuff that would make us shiver and grimace, and then they have such fun at the same time. I realize that it’s a bad deal not being a kid anymore!

  2. About 18 degrees farenheit – Brrrrrr. We’ve only dipped into the twenties here (so just slightly below zero for you) so far, and it was an unseasonal dip. I think this weekend is going to be our last Autumn hurrah – warm and sunshiny – garden and yard work to do to get ready. Brrrr. Love the pic of your little man examining the ice.

    1. Sounds like we’re going to have similar weekends, both in terms of the weather (although it’s Sunday/Monday that’s looking best for us) and the outdoor work. Enjoy the yard work!

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