First snow

First snow Eastern Ontario 5 November 2012

Isn’t nature a sweetheart? No sooner do I write about my longing for summer, then she hits us with our first snow.

Garden plants covered in first snow

Of course, I haven’t finished my garden clear up for the year. I still have chard, turnips, kale and lettuces in the ground, unprotected. A couple of spent cabbage plants await the compost pile. I have three little lettuces covered by buckets tonight and plan to move them to our hoop house tomorrow. As we’re still going under an extra layer of row cover (and planning to all winter long), and because I like to risk the window in which I can move these plants at all.

Teen making first snowball of the season

My teenager is always obsessed with making the first snowball of the season.

Boy and dog with first snowball of the season

Whipping his dog into a frenzy with the same snowball added new fun to this year’s inaugural snow.

Snowy winter sky in November in Eastern Ontario

The evening sky, both heavy with snow-filled clouds and full of a golden glow, was a sight to see.

12 thoughts on “First snow

  1. The first snowfall is always so exciting! I love the snow, but it crossed my mind today that I may never survive this winter’s harsh temperatures. It was only -2 and I felt so darn cold!! Minus 8 tomorrow morning. 🙂

    1. I know, it sounds like we are in for a cold and snowy one this year, and I’m honestly not ready for it either. When you realize that it takes a while for our blood to get used to the change, it starts to make sense! I think I have a mental block too though!

  2. Wow, you got ALOT more snow than we did! It was actually just barely, but noticeably snowing while I was outside working this afternoon…..
    I find that the November winds are just cutting through my coats these days. And I think you’re right……..we got off easy last winter and we’re going to ‘get it’ this year!

    1. We had one of those barely there flurries earlier this season, so this is really the one that counts. Amazing the difference between what you and we experienced given our proximity! Either way, it’s looking like we’re all ‘in for it’ this year! Stay warm 🙂

  3. As an expat American living in Sydney what I can tell you is that coldish winters spent in cold houses, are no match for snowy white winters. I still remember yearning for that first snowfall! And even after so many years, warm Halloweens, and blisterinly hot Christmas’s still just don’t seem right. Your pics look beautiful. Enjoy!!

    1. I have a cousin who grew up in Winnipeg and has called Australia home for more than ten years, and I’ve always wondered what that contrast must be like for him. Winnipeg has a reputation for cold and snow that impresses the rest of us Canadians. Glad I could share the feeling of the first snow to a North American expat living so far away! There will be many days ahead when I’m envious of the warmth you have! 🙂

      1. My kids’ first experience of snow was pure bliss. I will be thinking of that (and looking at your blog) when the real heat of summer hits and we start planning for Christmas!

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