Longing for summer

Summer sunset in Eastern Ontario

We find ourselves hurtling headlong into winter at the beginning of November. Last year, at mid-month, we were still enjoying quite warm days. Not so this year. It’s all making me long for summer, which is enhanced when I look back over photographs taken not so very long ago.

Taking an outdoor break after working on a project is just so much nicer when the weather is warm and sunny.

Dad, son and dog on treehouse deck

Long, lazy summer days make taking the time to arrange a deck of cards in some whimsical order an appealing pasttime for a child.

Playing cards arranged on a table

Visiting with friends is easier when everyone is outside all day long.

Young boy with a praying mantis

The biggest decision to be made on some summer days is whether to go down the stairs to chase a butterfly or just stay put.

A dog's view from a treehouse platform

10 thoughts on “Longing for summer

  1. Very evocative post. The Dad and son picture is just perfect – what a wonderful moment you caught there. And I have no idea what the green insect on your youngster’s neck is – I don’t think I’ve ever seen one!

    1. Thank you; I was really pleased to have captured that shot. My husband was so happy to see it this evening as he somehow hadn’t seen it before. The insect in question is a praying mantis – funny creatures they are!

  2. Yes, with wonderful memories like that, I can see why you’re not ready for summer to be over. Having just gotten out of winter, I’ll be very disappointed to have it back anytime soon!! Love that first picture especially, such interesting tree silhouettes!

    1. Oh yes, do enjoy your summer now that you have it! I’m going to enjoy your summer vicariously; that’s one of best parts about sharing our stories and images in this way.

  3. Great pictures, and I’m especially loving the shot of the praying mantis whispering a secret to your son…I think I could write an entire story from that picture.

      1. Do you ever see walking sticks in our area? They’re related to the praying mantis. We have quite a few here, but I’ve never had a camera with me when we encounter one.

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