On the trail in November

Black lab standing on treehouse platform

On one of our walks today Reggie and I stopped at the treehouse. I love that it’s completely natural for this dog to climb the stairs and survey his domain.

Black lab on an autumn leaf scattered ground

Like me, he seemed to be in a contemplative mood, and was seemingly happy to sit for photos on demand. Until he got the scent of our neighbour’s dog and ran off, out of the picture. So much for feeling in step with my regular walking companion.

Farm field with hoop house in autumn

Our wanderings revealed that most of the trees have shed their leaves. It’s quite barren looking around much of our land now. Just a couple of weeks ago fall leaves were in their glory here and I got to take some pictures at the property of a new client and friend.

Autumn trees on a country lane

The day was beautifully hot and sunny, an infrequent but not completely unheard of occurrence at this time of year. The cold weather had already arrived here at least a couple of weeks before that, as evidenced by this shot of my youngest. Needing a day off school he accompanied me on a photo shoot at a nearby horse farm, and we both ended up with frozen fingers in the cutting wind.

Young boy with fur hood on a chilly day

Just looking at this photograph now makes me feel chilled and toasty warm at the same time.


Last year was the first time that I participated in National Blog Posting Month, and I think I’m game to do it again this year. So, all things being equal, I should be popping up here every day for the next 29 days. If I have time with all the great reading that I know will be in front of me!

9 thoughts on “On the trail in November

    1. It was loads of fun doing it for the first time last year. The commitment is to blog every day for the month. I found the challenge was good for me last year as I was trying to work on writing more regularly, and I discovered just how much I enjoy the visual side of my blog at the same time. I recommend checking it out!

    1. Thanks Claire! When Reggie catches the scent of our neighbour’s dog, all of his good manners just evaporate – we’re working on it! Thanks for the vote of confidence with NaBloPoMo!

    1. Thanks Libby. I’d love to take credit for Reggie’s climbing confidence, but that’s pretty much down to the wonderful breeders who raised him as a young puppy. They expose all of their puppies to a ‘course’ that they have to navigate to get to food/water/sleeping area and includes tunnels, stairs, ramps, cattle grid-type surfaces, unstable surfaces, etc. It makes them extremely comfortable with all kinds of surfaces and elevations. He eyed the treehouse stairs slightly warily the first time he encountered them, but didn’t need much encouragement to try them out. Now he runs up and down them!

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