Mist in the valley

Mist settling in valley in early evening, late September

Some evenings are just special, and you have to be up for what they have to offer to appreciate them. We were just finishing up installing netting over the top of our chicken run last evening, when I noticed that a heavy mist was settling in the valley below our house.

Mist settling in valley in eastern Ontario in late September

Not only was it settling in the valley, it was also slowly but steadily climbing up the hill. With our dog Reggie still in an energetic mood, and feeling game for a late evening walk in the mist, three of us headed down into the valley.

A boy and his dog walking into a misty valley

We’d hardly made it down the hill when the light dropped noticeably; it’s always amazing to me how fast the light disappears once the sun sets. Our first stop was the treehouse, looking almost eerie in the shifting mist.

Misty evening walk - dad, son and dog

I couldn’t resist another shot with the dog peering back from the platform outside the treehouse.

Treehouse with dog on a misty evening

As the sky became inkier and darkened, we made our way over to the pond, and noticed the moon poking through the clouds above. The last leg of the walk home was in near darkness, through our orchard.

Misty pond at night in early autumn, eastern Ontario

7 thoughts on “Mist in the valley

    1. Thank you! My camera is playing up a bit at the minute, but the graininess seemed to help in this case. I love weather with personality to it, it just enhances ordinary activities.

  1. You’re such a good photographer, with a keen eye for composition. My favorite picture is the one of your son running with Reggie. It’s apparent that those two are such good pals.

    1. Gosh, Libby, thank you. I love taking pictures and it’s a great boost to read your comment. I love the shots I get of our youngest with his dog; Reggie and he do have a special bond.

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