Zero to 18 in 60 seconds

Young boy on new second-hand blue bike

Gears that is. Remember, this boy road a bike on his own for the very first time just a couple of days ago. A sweet little bike that he’d long outgrown and only rode the one time (we’re now calling it a magic bike).

Young boy riding a small bike for the first time

That bike was donated to our local bike shop yesterday (it is the drop-off location for a bikes for Haiti program), and we picked up a new second-hand bike with 24 inch wheels, a big step up. I was a bit nervous that it would be too big, after the tiny little ride he’d got going on, but silly me, what do I know about a determined nine-year old boy.

Young boy on two-wheel bike

He’s already skidding through gravel in a skilful way, just like he’s watched his older brother do for years.

7 thoughts on “Zero to 18 in 60 seconds

    1. He was really thrilled to read your comment! I’d read that getting started on a seriously undersized bike could be helpful, and it seems to be true, but we sure were glad to get him right onto a full sized bike. And he’s away!

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