Who knew?

Young boy riding a small bike for the first time

For a cycling family, we really took our time with helping our younger son (9) graduate to his own bike. You might even saying that we were lazy about it. Two years ago we bought him a small bike with training wheels, figuring we’d help him move to his own bike that fall, and then, well, we kind of forgot about it.

He and I had been a great team, cycling together with a third wheel for several years.

Mum and young son riding with loaded panniers for camping

Throughout this summer my husband has mentioned at several points that we really should be helping him to learn to ride his own bike, and tonight we finally got organized, threw that little bike into the back of our car, and drove to a quiet local parking lot for some practice (we have a gravel driveway, not the best practice surface for a new cyclist).

Turns out, all that shotgun cycling over the years turned him into a cyclist. The kid just rode off into the sunset, so to speak, as we stood there gaping.

Young boy riding a bike at sunset

The look on his face tells the whole story.

Young boy with arms outstretched after first bike ride

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