Life’s little surprises

Small basket of tomatoes and a bunch of kale

When my nine-year old returned from walking the dog this morning (a gift in itself as I’m normally on duty for the first walk of the day), he casually asked if I could guess what he had brought back for me. The sweetie pie had stopped off at the greenhouse, tethered the dog, and picked some ripe tomatoes and kale for me.

I’d left the small basket, empty, on a chair outside the greenhouse entrance late last night, having finished picking a much larger basket of tomatoes with that same son in near darkness. This boy loves harvest time and knows what makes his mum happy too.

5 thoughts on “Life’s little surprises

  1. Oh my gosh, this brought a tear to my eye! What a sweetie. My son loves to pick flowers for me, and today I realized that often I tell him no, as he wants to get them from someone’s garden. 🙂 Wildflowers are okay, I say, but those garden flowers are decoration. And you know what? I decided that to heck with the garden flowers. If my son wants to pick one for me, I’m blessed to have him do that. I do believe in respecting another person’s property — but flowers will grow back. I’m so happy I finally woke up and look forward to many more pretty flowers on our table.

    1. I think you made absolutely the right decision in allowing your son to pick flowers wherever they may appear – he sounds like he has such a kind and generous nature, and he should be able to indulge it in flower picking for his mum! Enjoy those special bouquets 🙂

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